Upcoming Releases 2/2

Well, here we are in February and I already changed gears twice since the first half of this blog post was written! Fortunately, we got those first three titles out before we started changing things up again. In the last post, I said:

“The next three will be the Cult of Tanit, the Cult of Odin, and Combat Duty: Destroy the Bridge. Though the last one is tentative, since Aftermath may get finished first.”

The Cult of Tanit was recently released, but the Cult of Odin and Combat Duty: Destroy the Bridge have both been pushed back in favor of other projects.

While we are working with more freelancers to develop additional cults for AvV, I am taking some time to get the Complete Thaumaturgic Codex ready for Kickstarter and PoD. The final manuscript is nearly finished and will be sent off for editing in a few days. I already have Affinity and have been working on a preliminary layout. Screenshots will be available soon.

I hope to get the Complete Thaumaturgic Codex up on Kickstarter by the end of next month. It will be about 50 pages long and contain 70 spells, 40 magic items and at least 5 artifacts. It will be our first PoD, so I am fairly excited about this project.

The main purpose of this project, however, is to get some practice with Affinity and the PoD process so we have some experience going into the next project, which is the AvV Player’s Guide. The AvV Player’s Guide will be about 4 times bigger than the Codex and too large for a first time project. So we are doing something smaller first.

As we update the spells and magic items in the Codex, I am also updating the PDF files for Books I, II, and III. I will also post an updated version of 34 Magic Items soon. So if you’ve purchased any of those titles, make sure you download the updates!

Now, time to get busy!

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