Amazons vs Valkyries – Pathfinder 1E

Pathfinder 1e Bundle

AvV was originally developed using the 1e Pathfinder system. Although we primarily use the 5e system now, we still support the Pathfinder system with the help of Beth Jones, who handles the conversions of new 5e material to Pathfinder.

The Maven

A new expert class for your Pathfinder 1 Amazons vs Valkyries games.


  • 54 Living Languages and a random table to determine your character’s homeland and starting language.
  • 35 Extinct Languages and DCs for researching and deciphering them. 
  • Magical Languages and an overview of the three cultures of magic (Egyptian, Minoan, and Mitanni).
  • A full color, highly detailed map of the campaign world!
  • Plenty of information on the history and cultures of the setting
  •  Expanded realistic rules for learning and comprehension of language
  • 4 characters from Amazons Vs Valkyries introduced as examples (Tora, Seyeh, Kara, and Padia).
  • Sacred Languages, Secret Languages, Sign Languages, Rogue Languages, Trade Languages, and more!
  • New feats for languages including Demagoguery, Polyglot, and Hyperpolyglot. 
  • 12 game seeds and plot hooks involving language
  • Dozens of sample character names (and their meanings) organized by culture. 

Core Classes

  • Barbarian – the same one you know and love
  • Huntress – alt. ranger with no spells
  • Mystic – new arcane spell caster with several unique powers
  • Priestess – new divine spell caster with some bard-like abilities
  • Rogue – basically the same, with 1 new ability
  • Soldier – alt. fighter with period appropriate training

Also Features

  • New Skills: Occultism and Knowledge (tactics)
  • Deities and their Domains: Asgardian, Celtic, Egyptian, Gaulish, Olympian, Persian, Phoenician, Roman
  • New Priestess Domains: Agriculture, Arts, Fertility, Hunting, Lightning, Mirth, Moon, Prophecy
  • New Spells: Deadly Jolt, Moonbeam, Storm Cloud, Thunderbolts, Prophetic Vision

Arms and Armor

New Armors: Cardiophylax, Manica, Helm and greaves combo, Lamellar (3 types), Linothorax (2 types), Reinforced shields, Wicker shields, Wearing weapons (as armor)

New Weapons: Falx, Harpe, Kontos, Kopis, Makhaira, Pata, Plumbata, Sarissa, Scizore, Xyston

New Feats: The appendix offers some new feats for characters who prefer to do battle with no armor or clothing at all. These include: Jaybird, Naked Aggression, and Naked & Fearless


  • 23 Heroic Bloodlines (Heracles, Perseus, Zal, Atalanta, Hippolyta, Yngvi, and more than a dozen others from Greek and Norse mythology). 
  • An overview of the Amazons Vs Valkyries Campaign Setting 
  • Summaries of the Volsung Saga, the story of the House of Atreus, the story of Wayland the Smith, and several other ancient legends 
  • A player’s map of the campaign world 
  • More than a dozen new abilities for characters such as Danger Sense, Guarded Stance, Twisted Thoughts, Warped Mind, Warrior’s Wisdom, and Wrath of Achilles

The Amazon

Within this file:  

  • The Banneret prestige class featuring the battle mastery special ability. 
  • The Amazon advanced class featuring the improved tactcial expert and bloodlust abilities.  
  • Spell List for the Banneret 
  • Knowledge (war)

The Valkyrie

Within this file:  

  • The Shield Maiden prestige class featuring the battle fury special ability. 
  • The Valkyrie advanced class featuring the greater battle fury and fatal destiny abilities.  
  • Spell List for the Shield Maiden
  • Knowledge (war)

Advanced Ancestries

  • Desert Dwarves: Descendants of Hephaestus who thrive in hot climates.
  • Gray Dwarves: Repulsive little metalworkers with a severe aversion to sunlight.
  • Fauns: Hedonistic and playful fairies who protect the wilderness from harm.
  • Giant Kin: Extra-dimensional giants with an affinity for fire, earth, or ice.
  • Savannah Gnomes: These gnomes live in burrows and love all beautiful things.
  • Marsh Gnomes: Cheerful forest dwellers of the far north.
  • Light Elves: Angelic sorcerers and servants of the Vanir.
  • Nymphs: Ageless maidens with supernatural beauty and a kinship with the gods.

Cult of Ares

  • The Champion of Martial Fury prestige class featuring the wrathful strike and regimented training abilities 
  • The War Spawn advanced class featuring the unyielding assault ability
  • The Champion of the Impassioned Warrior prestige class featuring the impassioned and warrior’s ward abilities
  • The Heartfire Sentinel advanced class featuring the ignite emotions ability
  • 5 New Spells: battle fortune, inspire fury, spirit of war, war blessing, and warrior’s reflexes
  • 4 New Magic Items: snakebite shieldAres’ helmgauntlets of war mastery, and spear of bloodlust
  • New Monsters:Hysmidaemon, Machaidaemon, and war birds
  • 3 NPCs: One Son of Mars and Two Witches of Mars
  • 1 Artifact: The Sword of Ares.

Deities of the Desert

  • fifteen new domains for followers of Egyptian deities including:   
  • Funerary
  • Pandemonium
  • Merriment
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Sky
  • Afterlife
  • Voice
  • Muse
  • Rulership
  • Solar
  • Rivalry 
  • Primal
  • Time
  • Cats