Between the dimensions of utter Darkness and total Light there is a vast, shadowy region where a war has been raging since creation began.  God-like beings from the far reaches of the multiverse, creatures of pure Light and pure Darkness, are locked in eternal struggle in the twilight realm known as the Shadelands.

In this epic sword and sorcery setting powerful wizards and heroic Fabled Champions defend an advanced civilization against a constant onslaught of giants, trolls, and goblins. Between the wealthy nations of Caerimar and the uncharted wilderness lie the Kingdoms of Men, a patchwork of feudal domains mired in a tradition of superstition and warfare. It is here, more than anywhere, that the battles between Darkness and Light are joined.

These conflicts manifest themselves in tales of imperfect protagonists and antiheroes who struggle with tragedy and moral dilemmas. In the gloomy depths of the Shadelands you may meet a gifted young knight, doomed by his own hand. Or you may hear a tale of a troubadour whose only chance at fame comes in a high stakes game of humiliation and torture.  

These and many other tales play out in the half light, where the differences between good and evil, right and wrong, can be as elusive as the shadows.

-D20 5e-

Thaumaturgic Codex: Book 1

20 New Spells including:

  • Dissipation: Help your enemies be in two places at once by teleporting only *some* of them away!
  • Kaleidoscopic Strike: A burst of mind bending colors sends your weakest enemies to their graves. Those strong enough to survive are left stricken with psychedelic trauma. 
  • Malefic Susurrations: This spell fills your voice with horrific, rasping noises from the lower planes.
  • Encumbering Load: Pit the strength of your mind against the strength of your opponent’s back! See them crushed under your mighty intellect! 
  • Soul Smite: Make sure they feel your attacks deep, deep inside! 

Thaumaturgic Codex: Book 2

20 New Spells Including:

  • Beastly Transformation: Turn your pet cat or dog into a deadly beast!
  • Storm Door: Need to thicken the “fog of war?” Open a storm door and start filling the area with ferocious demons!
  • Creeping Shadows: Who needs friends when your enemies are delusional? 
  • Concussive Blast: Surrounded? We’ve got a spell for that. Enemies are better when they are 20 feet away, prone, and bleeding.
  • Shadow Spray: Seven shades of darkness spray from your hands and render your enemies cursed, paralyzed, or dead! 

34 Magic Items

34 New Magic Items Including:

  • Blanket of Solace: Protects you from the cold and from your enemies!
  • Compass of Direction: This handy compass finds a lot more than magnetic North! 
  • Headband of Thought Projection: Create 3D images of your thoughts!  
  • Net of Negation: The perfect weapon for anyone hunting witches, wizards, or sorcerers!

Thaumaturgic Codex: Book 3

20 New Spells Including:

  • Diaphanous Shift: Become ghostly and ephemeral!
  • Disembowel: Inflict as much damage as possible upon a single foe!
  • Staggering Blows: Enchanted weapons inflict extra damage and knock targets down.  
  • Soul Power: Bolster your allies with temporary hit points, protection against necrotic damage, and bonuses on D20 rolls.
  • Salty Wounds: Impede your enemies with crippling pain!

The Bane Ledger (5e): Manananggal

The manananggal is a cunning monster that leads a double life. By day, it appears to be a beautiful human woman. At night it becomes a horrible monster with bat-like wings and a taste for unborn children. When it undergoes its nightly transformation, a manananggal separates its upper torso from its lower. With its intestines hanging out, it flies off seeking fetuses and organs to devour.

The Bane Ledger (5e): Djieien

Djieiens are monstrous spiders with the unthinkable ability to remove their vital organs and hide them in the ground. With their vital organs securely hidden, djieiens are impervious to many forms of damage. However, if the vitals can be found, these creatures can be easily slaughtered

Hamron the Mage

Once a promising young wizard with a bright future, Hamron’s personal failings have stolen his dreams and wrecked his life.  Now he drifts from one aimless encounter to another, sometimes joining a band of adventures for a time before his problems cause him to move on.

-Pathfinder 1e-

Lost Atlanteans

A new deity with two new ancestries, 32 new domains, and some other ideas about Atlanteans or similar beings who have lived underwater for centuries. Written by Beth Jones for Pathfinder 1.

10 Exotic Clubs

  • Athletic Club
  • Club for Growth
  • Country Club
  • Dance Club
  • Drama Club
  • Gentleman’s Club
  • Hellfire Club
  • Knight Club
  • Lions Club
  • Riding Club

The Priest

The priest is a 20-level core class for those heroes who are truly devout followers of their faith and do not spend any of their time learning military weapons or tactics. Like wizards and sorcerers, priests do not wear armor or use military weapons. Instead, they are armed with spells, followers, and bard-like abilities to influence people with their speeches.

Exceptional Items

  • Bottled Courage: For those times when your morale needs a little extra kick
  • Dragon Bane: Keeps the wyrms away! 
  • Mage’s Blend: Ever wonder what wizards are smoking in their pipes??
  • Mining Spikes: For blasting open doors and other barriers…
  • Noisemakers: Great for distracting foes and covering your own noise
  • Power Pills: These small blue pills do wonders for your magical potency!
  • Sleep Tablets: These pills contain 8 hours of sleep.
  • Plus 36 other innovative ideas to enhance your OGL game!

21 Magic Items

  • Blanket of Solace: Protects you from the cold and from your enemies!
  • Compass of Direction: This handy compass finds a lot more than magnetic North! 
  • Headband of Phantasmal Projection: Bring your ideas to life! 
  • Net of Negation: The perfect weapon for anyone hunting witches, wizards, or sorcerers!
  • Sun Stone: This small, glowing rock contains the power of the Sun and can incinerate undead. 

Enhanced Armor

This file covers four unique types of non-magical enhancements and alternate rules that can be used to improve your medieval armor:

  • Gemstone Plating
  • Hell Forged
  • Reinforced
  • Piece Mail

Advanced Race: The Dahkhan

Dahkhans are dragon-like aliens from the distant dimension of Galigdrelil. They are hatched in pools of Light and mature under the tutelage of hierophants and demigods. Although they are magical creatures spawned with sorcery, dahkhans are also fearsome warriors known for their mastery of pole arms.

-D20 3.5e-

The Brawler

Have you had the urge to club someone to death with a Halfling? Would you like to twist your enemies into agonizing submission holds and not let them go? Have you ever wanted to kick some butt with your bare hands, but you didn’t want to spend all that time meditating and praying, like a monk?

Marble Chess Set

  • 6 New magic items – figurines of wondrous power including 3rd level priests, 5th level fighters, and 9th level sorcerers. 
  • 5 New Feats including Armor Expert and Fearless Assault 
  • 5 New Spells including conversion fieldsheet of flame and shockwave.

The Spirit Warrior

The spirit warrior is a 10-level prestige class for religiously devote soldiers who worship spirits, animals and/or ancestors. Fighters, barbarians and rangers are the most common classes to follow this path.

Hero’s Handbook

The Hero’s Handbook is packed with enhancements and options for high-fantasy heroes. It contains over 120 new feats, more than 80 new magic items, 12 new prestige classes, 80 new spells and dozens of new inventions of alchemy and craftsmanship. It also features an appendix of bonus material that didn’t fit in the other chapters, including a new race and a new class. From sinister weapons and gemstone-plated armor to magical beds and crushing arcana, the Hero’s Handbook is essential for any spell-wielding, sword-brandishing band of heroes!

God Spells

God Spells contains 50 spells for divine casters. Druids, clerics, paladins and rangers can all find useful tools in this assortment of miracles. Plenty of stunning new spells such as pollen cloud, armor of stone, excommunication, and sorghum’s wrath are featured among these pages, and are waiting to enhance your game.  Mass resurrection is always a crowd-pleaser and the deadly tongue of swords is sure to get any enemy’s attention!

Wilderness Traps

12 New Wilderness Traps

Free Preview

Nature’s Wrath

  • 40 Real World Poisonous Plants
  • 40 Real World Diseases
  • 60 new conditions

Book of Broken Dreams

  • Stress
  • Personality
  • Insanity
  • Group Dynamics
  • News spells

Rabid Monkey Troop

Rabid Monkey Troop is a fully detailed random encounter designed for a typical group of 5th-7th level adventurers. While traveling through the wilderness, the heroes are attacked by a mob of rabid monkeys who use group tactics to overwhelm the heroes. Faced with more monkeys than they can hope to kill, many which are foaming at the mouth, a great deal will depend on the players being able to stay calm when things start to look grim. This encounter includes d20 statistics for four types of advanced monkeys, many of which are infected with rabies

Road Block

Roadblock is a fully detailed random encounter designed for a typical group of 7th-9th level adventurers. While traveling through the wilderness, the heroes encounter a massive dinosaur carcass blocking their way. There are other travelers held up by the roadblock as well, and they look to the heroes for help. Unfortunately, the carcass is massive, there is a monster lurking inside it, and it is lying on the edge of a cliff. As the heroes confront the monster, chaos breaks out among the NPCs, doubling the heroes’ difficulties.

The Hunt

The Hunt is a fully detailed random encounter designed for a typical group of 6th-8th level adventurers. While traveling along a country road, the heroes encounter a horrible magical beast that is rapidly depopulating a small hamlet and the surrounding countryside. Everything depends on their ability to track the beast down, out smart it, and kill it before it kills everyone 

-Short Stories-

The Game

A flamboyant stage performer is drawn into a brutal game of torture, humiliation and death. He struggles to outwit a diabolic dark elf, win the game she is playing with him and become the hero of his own tale. But how far will he have to go to win?

The Doom of Sir Lathen

In this coming of age story, Sir Lathen leaves his home and seeks his fortune on the war torn frontier. Along the way he meets a lovable but troublesome giant who ultimately holds the key to his salvation. But before he has a chance to make a name for himself on the battlefield, Lathen encounters a subtle and powerful enemy that nearly destroys him. Will his only friend in the world risk everything to save him, or is he doomed to a fate worse than death?