AvV Pathfinder Update 2/2

Besides updating the existing Pathfinder files, we also converted some 5e titles over to Pathfinder. These are:

The Cult of Demeter

This 16-page PDF features:

  • The location of Demeter’s major temples
  • The many festivals and holidays associated with Demeter
  • The Champion of Demeter prestige class featuring the divine provider and familial bond special abilities 
  • The Harvest Guardian advanced class featuring the aura of safety ability
  • Oracle Mystery: Motherhood featuring Hopes and dreams, Mother’s Touch and other revelations   
  • Domain of Sustenance featuring the Touch of Abundance and Cup Overfloweth abilities
  • Warpriest Blessing: Seasons featuring Sew the Fields and Reap the Harvest abilities

The Cult of Hecate

This 17-page PDF file features:

  • The location of Hecate’s major temples
  • Festivals and celebrations held in Hecate’s honor
  • The Champion of Hecate prestige class featuring the Prolific Magic and Guardian Sight special abilities 
  • The Witch Lord advanced class featuring the Aura of Witchery ability
  • Oracle Mystery: Boundaries featuring Crossing borders, Watchdog, and other revelations
  • Oracle Mystery: Witchcraft featuring Curse of the Necromancer, Witch’s Hex, and other revelations

The Cult of Freyja

This 17-page PDF features:

  • The location of Freyja’s major shrines
  • Festivals and celebrations held in Freyja’s honor
  • The Champion of Freyja prestige class featuring the Close and Personal Combatant and Stunning Caress special abilities 
  • The Freyjanaut advanced class featuring the Divine Flesh ability
  • Oracle Mystery: Seidr featuring Destiny Magic, Fated, and other revelations   
  • Bloom Druid featuring the Nature Bond and Abundant Pheromones abilities

Since there seems to be a lot of interest in this version of the AvV setting, we will convert more content in the future. We are also considering some unique content for the PF1 edition of the game.

Currently, the Cult of Ares is about to launch on Kickstarter. It will be available for both 5e and Pathfinder 1e. You can check out the prelaunch page right here.

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