The Cult of Ares

The Cult of Ares is coming soon to Kickstarter! This cult will be available in two versions: the 5e compatible version (pictured above) and the Pathfinder 1 version (still in development).

This file features:

Temples, shrines, and other holy sites dedicated to Ares

Festivals and celebrations held in Ares’ honor  

Lore about Ares and his warrior wife, Aphrodite 

1 New Artifact (The Sword of Ares)

2 New Paladin Oaths (The Oath of Martial Furry and the Oath of Impassioned War)

3 New Monsters. Two fiends and one monstrosity  (The Hysminai, the Machai, and War Birds)

4 new magic items 

5 new spells

Watch this space for further announcements!

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