Welcome to the Amazons vs Valkyries 5e Rules website. This site is under construction, but feel free to poke around. There is already some new and unique content here. Eventually, this site will be a repository for stat blocks, spells, unique rules, and perhaps even some free adventures. For now, I’m just trying to get it all operational and presentable.

What Is This Site?

This is not just another SRD site. Although this site does contain a substantial amount of content from the 5e SRD, it also includes a growing amount of customized d20 content designed specifically for the AvV setting. So although this site includes basic rules for playing the game, I have no intention of coping all the monsters or spells or magic items from the SRD. Rather, this site is intended to serve three purposes:

  • This site is a resource and reference for me and other players to use. I can now hyperlink the AvV PDFs to this site instead of some other site. Players can also reference this site for a lot of basic rules.
  • This site is also a starting point for new players. If you are new to the AvV setting, or new to TTRPGs in general, this site in a great place to get into the game and learn a little about the Amazons vs Valkyriessetting.
  • This site catalogs all the differences between the core 5e system and the modified version used in the Amazons vs Valkyries setting.

If you would like to get all the publicly available AvV content, you can visit the AvV storefront on DriveThru.

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To learn more about the AvV setting, visit the website.

Site Update 1/16/24

Editing. Did some polishing and editing throughout the site.

Spells.Added the insulating fieldspell.

Site Update 1/9/24

Spells. Added the Sun Ray spell.

Site Update 1/5/24

Abilities.Changed Constitution (Athletics) to Constitution (Endurance). Reverted Dexterity (Acrobatics) to the core rules.

Site Update 12/31/23

Spells. Added the Radiant Bolt spell.

Equipment.Updated the Armor table with the most recent information from the Arms and Equipment file.

Site Update 12/27/23

Feats. Added the Exotic Weapon Training feat.

Site Update 12/19/23

Monsters.Added the Hellcat and revised the Taurian.

Site Update 12/18/23

Monsters. Added Swan and Bearcat.

Spells.Added Spirit Sight. Also added a new option (calm water) to the control waterspell.

Site Update 12/6/23

Monsters. Added Taurians to the monster list

Equipment. Added the armor table to the Equipment page

Site Update 11/3/23

Spell Lists. The Priestess’ Spell List and the Scholar’s Spell List have been added

Homelands. A page for Homelands has been added

Site Update 11/2/23

NPCs.Several NPC stat blocks for Roman soldiers have been added

Weather. Adjusted rules for Extreme Heat have been added to the GM’s section

Unarmed Combat.New rules for unarmed combat have been added to the Combat section

Free Stuff. A page with linksto all the free PDFs related to the AvV setting has been added

Site Update 11/1/23

New Monsters.Several new monsters have been added. Check them out right here

New Substances. Rare substances have been added to the GM Rules.

Abilities Adjustments.Abilities have been updated

Links. The headings on the Conditions page now can be used as anchors (using ‘#heading’ at the end of the address)