Bloodstone Press publishes D20 RPG material and short stories. We are currently focused on our Amazons vs Valkyries setting, a historical fantasy set in the Hellenistic Age. Some recent projects are outlined below. For upcoming titles, check out the In Development page.

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Into the Wilds

This 65-page supplement for Pathfinder 1E features a ton of new content for adventuring in the wilderness. New archetypes, monsters, hazards, poisons, diseases, and more to challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.

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Destroy the Bridge

This 50-page adventure takes the PCs on a combat mission into the mountains of Anatolia (ancient Turkey). They must destroy a bridge to stop an advancing Celtic horde, but when the PCs reach the bridge, they find they may be too late.

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Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants includes 67 real world poisons including nightshade, hemlock, hellebore, and jimsonweed. New uses for herbalism kits, alchemy kits… (Learn More)

Prelude to War

Prelude to War is a Fifth Edition adventure for one to seven characters of 1st to 3rd level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 1… (Learn More)

Complete Thaumaturgic Codex

  • 77 Spells!
  • 46 Magic Items!
  • School of Shadow!

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The Cult of Ares (5e)

  • 2 New Oaths  
  • 5 New Spells
  • 4 New Magic Items
  • 3 New Monsters
  • 1 Artifact: The Sword of Ares

Trinakria Gazetteer


This 90-page gazetteer is designed for The Blood of Trinakria campaign path, which follows the course of the First Punic War in the Amazons vs Valkyries adventure setting. This book details the island of Trinakria (ancient, mythic Sicily) on the eve of the war’s outbreak… (Learn More)

The Cult of Ares (PF1)

  • 2 New Prestige Classes
  • 2 New Advanced Class
  • 5 New Spells
  • 4 New Magic Items
  • New Monsters
  • 1 Artifact: The Sword of Ares

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The Maven

A New Expert Class for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting

The Maven is a new expert core class for the Pathfinder 1e system.  The Maven seamlessly blends mundane skill with utilitarian spellcasting, garnering a reputation as a master in their field of expertise with a flair for the extraordinary. At their core, a Maven is a perfectionist…

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Lost Atlanteans

Lost Atlanteans outlines a new Atlantean goddess, Ilimitera, and her 32 new domains. Ilimitera is a triple aspect deity with influence over Motherhood, Guidance and Nature…

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Rabid Monkey Troop

Rabid Monkey Troop is a fully detailed random encounter scalable for characters of 1st to 12th levels with an average party level (APL) of 1.

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More Recent Releases…

Poisonous Plants

This title features 67 toxic plants from the real world, each painstakingly researched, well balanced, and beautifully illustrated. Poisonous Plants is among the best titles we have released in recent years.

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Complete Thaumaturgic Codex

This collection of spells and magic items consists mostly of content updated from our 3rd edition material. All these spells and items have been revised and reworked for compatibility with the 5e system. There are also several new 5e spells in this collection. This title was also our first PoD.

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Amazons vs Valkyries Campaign Primer

This 52-page PDF provides a summary and overview of the AvV setting. It includes a brief discussion on character generation, but spends most of its pages on subjects such as Crime, Religion, War, Cities, and Travel.

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Optional Rules

This PDF features some optional rules and new ideas that have come from running AvV games. These rules are designed to help increase the verisimilitude and historical accuracy of the game as well as enhance the combat and tactical aspects.

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Book of Broken Dreams

This 136-page PDF covers everything a GM needs to create NPCs, groups, and conflict using modern psychology.

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