Optional Rules

Pages: 22
Game System: OGL 5E 
Genre: Classical Age (Greek/Norse Mythology)

This PDF collects all the optional rules for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting into one file. These options include all the published rules and plus more rules collected from upcoming titles. These rules include:

  • Intelligence (Engineering) proficiency
  • Intelligence (War) proficiency 
  • Interrogating NPC prisoners
  • Flying Mounts!
  • Rules for noise (how far can you hear a scream?)
  • Expanded Swimming Rules
  • New movement rules
  • New substances 
  • New grappling rules and options
  • News feats (Enrage Canines, Open Hand Mastery, Runner, and Sprinter)
  • New Conditions (most are from Poisonous Plants)   

If you’re playing an Amazons vs Valkyries campaign, these alternate rules are essential. If you are playing another fantasy campaign, these rules will still help your game run better! 

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