Primal Legends

Primal Legends is a Stone Age setting of epic heroics where humanity is a mere footnote in a land ruled by dragons, demons, giants, and elementals. Along with the fey, the humanoids struggle to survive against enslavement and genocide as their young world simmers chaotically in the last stages of creation. This isn’t a world with a long and storied history. The heroic sagas and epic tales are yet to be written. The Age of Legends is now! And if the right people don’t survive this age, those legends may never come to pass. 

Can the small tribes of humanoids survive in this brutal landscape? Will their fabled Free City remain a secret long enough to gain the strength it will need in the coming wars? Can anything be done to save the thousands of humans and fey that die in the slave pits of the Dragon Kings every day? 

This is bone crushing adventure at the dawn of time, where an Eden-like world has been polluted with pure evil. Before humankind had the chance to climb down from the trees and take up weapons, vile dragons and demonic aberrations invade from another dimension, enslaving thousands, creating suffering, and building empires of horror.

Now it is up to you to make sure humanity survives and has a chance to thrive in this beautiful but deadly world of good and evil. If you succeed, your name will be remembered for eons. But if you fail, there will be no one to remember you at all.

Primal Heroes: The Sangoma

  • 162 divine powers
  • 7 new spells
  • 10 wild animals
  • 2 formats (onscreen and printer friendly)
  • Clean spell lists (1st – 9th level)
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Heroes: The Magus

  • 164 arcane powers
  • 34 spells
  • Clean and Unclean spell lists (1st -9th level)
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Heroes: The Knave

  • 140+ roguish class abilities
  • Clean and Unclean spell lists (1st -6th level)

Primal Heroes: The Sentinel

  • 133 feats and abilities
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Heroes: The Savage

  • 140 feats and abilities
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Races

5 New Races!

Primal Feats

50 New Feats!

Arms and Armor of the Stone Age

  • 59 new weapons
  • 9 new types of armor
  • 11 new shields

Primal Magic Items

  • 20 new Magic Items!

Wilderness Traps

12 New Wilderness Traps

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Nature’s Wrath

  • 40 Real World Poisonous Plants
  • 40 Real World Diseases
  • 60 new conditions

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Bane Ledger: Volume II

25 New Monsters!

Bane Leger: Volume 1

30 New Monsters!