Into the Wilds


Game System: Pathfinder 1E

Into the Wilds is a collection of new wilderness-themed archetypes, monsters, hazards, and more for Pathfinder 1E. The content of this book is organized according to the Biome Pyramid.

One chapter is devoted to each corner of the pyramid; Desert, Jungle, and Tundra. 

The amazing content in this 65-page PoD includes: 

  • Archetypes: Marked Rager, Sunsoul, Scorpion Whisperer, Outback Warrior, White Warden
  • Diseases: Malaria, Yellow Fever, Sleeping Sickness
  • Domains: Survival, Hyena, Polar Bear
  • Ceremonies: Spirit Fest, Questing
  • Conditions: Blurred Vision, Hallucinating, Convulsing, Malaise, Sleep Deprived
  • Haunts: Eaten Alive, Frozen Solid
  • Hazards: Desert Lung, Sand Thorns, Sala Fruit
  • Monsters: Egbere, Kishii, Chenoodaemon, Studded Lizard
  • Natural Wonders: Hell’s Cellar, Titan’s Torment, Eternal Flame Falls
  • Oracle Mysteries: Nomad, Sphynx, Jungle, Snake, Tiger
  • Poison: Aflatoxin, Botulism, Curare, Angel’s Trumpet
  • War Priest Blessings: Dune, Iceberg
  • Witch Patrons: Spider, Jungle, Desert, Poison, Glacier, Tundra

Besides the content for the three main biomes (Jungle, Tundra, and Desert), this kickstarter also has several stretch goals. These include:

  • Aquatic Biomes: 35 pages of new monsters, hazards, poisons, and diseases for watery environments
  • Mountains and Volcanoes: 20 pages of new races, monsters, magic items, for adventuring in mountainous and volcanic environments
  • New Race: Tauny a fey spawned from the union of a glaistig and a satyr
  • New Class: The Primalist
  • New Archetypes: Totem Monk and Ninja of the 5 Elements
  • New Monster (any biome): Consumed (CR 9)
  • New Desert Monster: Eternal Shroud (CR 6)
  • New Grasslands Archetype: Wildfire Druid

These stretch goals will all be available as PDFs. However, there will also be a final stretch goal to include all these stretch goals in the PoD.

Available in PoD and PDF

Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

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