Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants features 5th edition D20 rules for sixty-six deadly plants and one ooze from our own world including hemlock, nightshade, and hellebore.

Each plant is presented with a stat-block outlining its habitat, size, frequency, medical uses, damage, saving throws, and challenge rating. Most entries feature additional rules for creating herbal, alchemical, and magical substances.

With this supplement you can:

  • Craft insecticide from white cedar!
  • Brew healing balm from nightshade!
  • Extract weapon poison from bush rope!
  • Empower your necromancy with baneberry!
  • Fight oozes with myoporum!
  • Enhance your protection spells with oleander!
  • Use jimsonweed to target objects with fly spells!
  • Use bay laurel to enhance your augury spells!
  • Brew a sleep potion from black locust!
  • Create dozens of other herbal and alchemical concoctions!

This material is heavily researched and the effects of these poisons mirror reality. Some cause paralysis, blindness, or terrifying hallucinations. Some cause psychic damage. A few contain acid. A couple cause creatures to take radiant damage from the sun (known as phototoxicity).

All types of poisons exist in the plant kingdom; ingested, inhaled, injury, and touch. Some are only toxic under certain conditions. Others are only toxic to certain creatures. Many can be mistaken for something else. A few are consumed deliberately. Those that affect herd animals can precipitate a famine. When famine strikes, characters are even more likely to eat toxic plants.

 Who are these rules for?

These rules are primarily for DMs who want to bring a higher level of verisimilitude to their campaigns. DMs can use these plants to challenge PCs who forage, eat at a tavern, or partake in a banquet. PCs might also overdose when using these plants for medicinal or religious purposes.

These rules are also for anyone adventuring in the wilderness. Anyone playing a druid will find these rules useful and interesting. Any party without a druid will find these rules dangerous and deadly. Wizards with herbalism or alchemy kit proficiency can make good use of these rules. Characters with Medicine or Nature skills will also find these rules helpful. 

  • Are your friends charred and burned? Acid, fire, or radiation – it doesn’t matter! With the Medicine skill, an herbalism kit, and some foxgloves, you can heal them today!
  • Are all your healing spells and potions spent, but you can’t rest? Brew a poultice from snowberry and keep going!
  • Feeling exhausted? Worn out? Disadvantaged on your ability checks? Try moonseed tonic and wake the [bleep] up!
  • Are you frequently attacked? Do you suffer from pain? Could you use some temporary hit points? Ask your druid today about Elixir of Monkshood, the #1 physician-recommended supplement for active adventurers. (Side effects may include malaise, weakness, clumsiness, and paralysis.)
  • Are your friends insane? Or merely confused? Or is it you? Either way, an herbal decoction made from mistletoe can cure mental illness and remove confusion. 
  • Do you have secrets to pass along? Make an Intelligence (Nature) check to know which plant’s leaves can be inscribed with hidden messages!
  • Expecting necromancy? Add cassava to protection from energy and save your life!
  • Using necromancy?? Add baneberry to your spells for enhanced potency
  • Paralyzed? No worries! Get your herbalism kit, grind up some caper spurge and use it! You’ll be fine! (As long as you make the Medicine check…)

These and many other astounding uses for deadly vegetation are covered in Poisonous Plants.

Enhance your games today with this collection of deadly poisons, herbal remedies, foods, alchemical substances, magical creations, and DM inspiration!

With more than 400 backer on Kickstarter, Poisonous Plants was a very successful project. It has since received numerous 5 star reviews and positive comments from customers and backers, such as:

Wow this looks fantastic! Excellent job on the details, layout, and illustrations.” – Glen

Ok you were not joking when you were saying that this is a really good looking and well-polished book. Amazing detail, great artwork, lots of info. Really commendable! Well done.” Dimitris

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