Telestic Engine

Telestic Engine is a science fiction adventure setting of steam powered sorcery in the dark age of an ancient, space traveling civilization. The engineers of ancient Athis invented magical machines of steam and clockwork technology –mechanized swords, steam-driven power armor, and cannons that shot lightning bolts, gas clouds, and magical rays. They conquered their entire planet with these weapons and they soon built war machines that could travel to other worlds.

The Athisians found nine habitable planets in their binary solar system, and after a series of wars they colonized them all. They also found dozens of desolate planets, moons, and asteroids rich with raw materials where they built remote mining colonies and outposts. But after a cataclysmic asteroid impact destroyed nearly all life on Athis, its scattered colonies were left to fend for themselves and the entire solar system was plunged into a dark age that has lasted for generations. 

Now, monstrous aliens with mechanized weaponry and air pirates with spell cannons terrorize isolated communities across the system. Feudalism, despotism, war, and anarchy are all that remain of the once powerful Athisian Empire.  But while cities shrink, schools sit vacant, and trade routs fall dead the machines of old remain. Sturdy and well-made, they have chugged on and on for ages after their inventors faded from memory.

Power Armor

  • 11 Sample suits of power armor (skirmisher armor, heavy assault armor, mining suits, and more!)
  • Guidelines for building thousands of other custom suits
  • An overview of how communication systems work throughout the solar system 
  • Resizing, repairing, donning, and enhancing power armor 
  • Feats — new and old for those who have power armor and those who don’t
  • 80+ special devices to enhance and customize your power armor with amazing abilities

Spell Cannons

  • Spell crystals
  • New Spells
  • Crafting
  • Attachments and accessories

Mechanized Weapons

  • Saw Swords
  • Gyro-Blades 
  • Anvil Axes 
  • Power Hammers 
  • Saturation Apparatus 
  • Bolt Throwers 
  • Shock Rods 
  • 4 more
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