Design Diary: Nature’s Wrath

Back in 2003 I published some rules about real world poisons and diseases, called Nature’s Wrath. It is still available from DriveThru, right here. It sold well and received a… Read more

META: What’s Next

Now that the updates for the Thaumaturgic Codex are done, its time to start thinking about what’s next. Below (and in no particular order) are the top 6 item on… Read more

META: Patreon

Now that I’ve had a Patreon account for a few months, I’ve got some content built up on it and it is integrated into my workflow. I post updates at… Read more

Design Diary: 34 Magic Items

Last summer we released a collection of 34 magic items as Book III of the Thaumaturgic Codex series. At the time, I was planning to just keep all that content… Read more

Design Diary: Thaumaturgic Codex

Today I’m working on revising the Thaumaturgic Codex series. I’m re-doing the layout for the first two volumes and working on a third volume of spells. I’m also going to… Read more