1948 is an alternate history adventure setting of super science and ancient sorcery. In 1948 no atomic bombs have been developed yet, though dozens of other “wonder weapons” have been invented including huge super-tanks that weigh over 1,000 tons, ray guns, jet packs, flying platforms, and genetic mutations. There are extra-dimensional aliens, demons, and monsters involved on both sides of the war. Voodoo mystics, occultists, holy knights, psychic spies, arcane scholars and dozens of other special agents clash as governments on both sides of the conflict hunt down every  advantage they can find.

The Axis powers have used these new weapons to turn the tide of the war against the Allies. In response, the Allies have developed their own wonder weapons, causing the battle fronts in Europe and Asia to shift back and forth. New Nazi jets are bombing American cities and Japanese bioengineers have created unthinkable monstrous horrors that terrorize whole navel fleets in the Pacific. An ancient race of Nagas from inside the Earth has taken an interest in the war as have revolting aliens from Sirius Minor. In the center of it all are the Templar Knights and a race of demons spawned 1,600 years ago.

Behind the scenes dozens of secret societies pull the strings like puppeteers. The Illumanati, the Priory of Sion, the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones Society, the Black Dragon Society, the Golden Dawn and many others pursue their own sinister goals as the world is ripped apart!

Hell on Earth 1938-1945

  • 10 advanced classes including spies, commandoes, and occultists  
  • 55 Feats including Battle Sense, Tactical Strike, and Crash Endurance 
  • Tons of vehicles including 47 aircraft, 5 battleships, 6 aircraft carriers, 6 submarines, 44 tanks, and 20 jeeps, cars, and trucks
  • 100s of weapons including cannons and big guns, rockets, mortars, torpedoes, handguns, long arms, machineguns, grenades and explosives.  
  • Radios, spy gear, cipher devices, and miscellaneous equipment.
  • Magic items including Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny
  • Exotic equipment including flying saucers, ray guns, and a super soldier formula

Organizations, Agencies, and Secret Societies

  • 13 Government Agencies
  • 24 Secret Societies
  • 12 Political Organizations

Magic of the SS

  • Eagle Emblem of Evil – A badge that empowers the wearer to detect Good creatures and strike them down.
  • Close Combat Clasp – Awarded to soldiers who fight on the front lines, this badge increases the wearer’s unarmed combat skills.
  • Skull and Crossbones of Terror – This badge empowers the wearer with the ability terrify his enemies with mind-numbing sorcery.
  • Blood Order –This rare and exclusive ribbon infuses the wearer’s soul with unholy might, propelling him to new levels of power
  • 22 other powerful magic items!

The Waffen SS

  •  Overview of the SS in 1948. The size, diversity, training, symbology, and organization.
  • SS Waffen Storm Trooper Advanced Class with six sample characters (Strong, Fast, Tough, machine gunner, and two snipers)
  • Sample heavy panzer division, more than 15,000 men and over 4,000 vehicles.
  • Sample Nazi Black Veil Occultist
  • Sample SS field commander
  • Overman Template with sample character
  • *Wolf Template with sample character

Handguns of WWII

  • New traits for firearms such as durable design and knockdown.
  • Improved rules for misfires and repairing firearms.
  • Expanded rules for handling weapon recoil
  • Quantified and realistic differences between autoloaders and revolvers
  • 28 great illustrations!
  • Game stats for many well known handguns such as the Beretta, the Luger, and the 357 Magnum
  • Several rare handguns including the Vis and the 45 caliber Mauser.
  • Some lesser known handguns with interesting traits, such as the Stop and the Ruby

22 Talent Trees

  • 86 talents grouped into 22 Talent Trees
  • A new feat to perform lifesaving transplants
  • Free Preview

Another 22 Talent Trees

  • Dozens of talents grouped into 22 Talent Trees
  • Four new martial arts feats
  • Free Preview

Book of Broken Dreams

  • Stress
  • Personality
  • Insanity
  • Group Dynamics
  • News spells

1948: Basic Training Manual

  • Combat Pilot
  • Demolition Expert
  • Field Medic
  • Gentle Warrior
  • Machinist
  • Martial Artist
  • Professional Driver
  • Research Scientist
  • Resistance Fighter
  • Sniper
  • Soldier
  • Spy
  • Survivalist

1948: Elite Training Manual

  • Arch Mage
  • Artificer
  • Commander
  • Commando
  • Dark Sage
  • Ecclesiarch
  • Expert Marksman
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Mentalist
  • Nazi Occultist
  • Psionic Stalker
  • Robotics Engineer

1948: FX Training Manual

  • Acolyte
  • Adept
  • Arcane Scholar
  • Mage
  • Meditative Warrior
  • Mystic
  • Occultist
  • Psionic Agent
  • Telepath

Specialized Training Manual

This supplement includes an additional 151 feats that are available to all characters in 1948. Many of these feats have been gathered from various OGC sources while others have been created specifically for this setting. Below is a brief summery of the feats found in this supplement.

Dive Bombing, Duck and Cover, Heavy Fire, Parachute Jump, Rapid Action, Sonar Operation, Combat Driving, Crash Endurance, True Hearted, Teamwork, Best Defense, Sonic Enhancement, Rapid Summons, Heroic Will, Advanced Cryptography, Radio Man, Signal Specialist, Cloak Dance, Nonlethal Spell, Fell Shot, Focus Power, Ghost Attack, Psionic Charge, Antithesis, Cross Training, Enemy, Guns Akimbo, Hard Eyed, Wing Man, Formation Flying, Alien Craft Operation, Diagnostic Ear, Deft Repair, Exotic Weapon (Trench Tool), and many, many more!

A total of 151 feats approved, adjusted, and ready for use in 1948! Stop searching through dozens of PDFs and books to find the right feats for your 1948 war hero. This file collects them all into one convenient location!

1948: Occupations

  • 28 Occupations

Templar Knights

  • Complete history, goals, allies, and enemies of the Templars in 1948.
  • Treasures of the Templars including the Holy Grail, the Arc of the Covenant, and the Stone of Destiny
  • d20 statistics for the Templar Knight prestige class, a holy knight for the 20th century battlefield!

1948: The Ninja

  • Ninja Prestige Class
  • Black Dragon Secret Society
  • Cloak Dance Feat
  • Acrobatics Moves Talent
  • Dragonfly, 12th level NPC 
  • Ninjitsu Fighting Style

The Super Spy

  • d20 stats for the Super Spy prestige class
  • Adventure hooks and setting information
  • d20 stats for a super spy NPC (Grachev, CR 12)
  • Background and  personality for Grachev
  • Information on the Soviet secret spy agency, the NKVD
  • d20 stats for several clandestine equipment items

1948: Clandestine Weapons

  • Welrod: A super-silent pistol with radioactive sights.
  • 22 Caliber Cigarette: Easily concealable and deadly at close range, this is an essential weapon for every spy.
  • Bulgarian Umbrella: This insidious weapon can deliver a lethal dose of poison painlessly
  • Poison Gas Gun: One of the most popular top secret weapons of assassination, this gun kills and leaves no trace.
  • Peskett: This versatile weapon is a club, a dagger, and a garrote all concealed in a small, unassuming rod.
  • 13 other top secret weapons for spies, commandoes, and resistance fighters of the WWII and Cold War era.

1948: Drugs

  • 13 drugs including pervatine, morphine, steroids, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, sodium thiopental (truth serum), phurium-932 and others
  • Purchase DCs, availability, side effects, overdose, and addiction rules

1948: Elite Gear

  •  Armor: 19 different types of body armor
  • Psionic Devices: Several devices that enhance psychic powers, such as  biofeedback monitors and Faraday cages
  • Vehicles: 11 new vehicles including combat bikes, two flying platforms, jet packs and sea jeeps
  • Weapons: 13 advanced weapons including the automatic shotgun, the 50 caliber pistol, the German “J” gun that can shoot around corners, The US Marine Corp. Stinger, and the British Welrod — a sniper weapon with radioactive sights
  • Miscellaneous Gear: X-rations (special meals for combat troops), field marshal glasses, and masterwork ghillie suits
  • Ammunition: 10 unique ammunition types including Dum-Dum, hollow point, explosive, multi-ball, long-range ball, frangible, and others

Spy Radios and Cipher Devices

  • 11 spy radios including direction finding radios and wrist radios 
  • cipher devices including decoder rings. 
  • 5 new feats such as Radio Man, Signal Specialist and Advanced Cryptography. 
  • Broadcasting basics, explained in simple game terms.

1948: Top Secret Explosives

  • 8 new explosive and incendiary devices
  • 5 new firing devices 
  • New Feat

1948: Lost Languages

  • 17 different languages including Atlantian, Classical Cuneiform, Etruscan,  Byblos, Indus, Olmec, Ramic, Zapotec and others
  • Historical information on the cultures that used each language
  • DCs for researching and deciphering each language
  • External links to additional related information
  • Tips on what could be learned from each language

1948: Top Secret Serums

  • 110 serums of super science!

1948: Ray Guns

  • 12 ray guns including death rays and pulse guns
  • Rules for crafting ray guns 
  • Rules for amplifiers and external battery packs

1948: The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

  • Details on the life and adventures of Otto Skorzeny
  • Adventure hooks and setting information
  • d20 stats for Otto and his gear (including an experimental combat suit)
  • d20 stats for a new prestige class (the Combat Master)
  • d20 stats for a new template (Thule Warrior)

1948: General Patton

  • Details on the life and adventures of General George Patton
  • Adventure hooks and setting information
  • d20 stats for Patton and his gear (including the Patton Saber)
  • d20 stats for a new template (ancient warrior spirit)

The Vimana

  • d20 stats for 4 different Vimanas
  • d20 stats for 3 different death rays
  • How to fly a Vimana
  • How to build a Vimana
  • Where to find a Vimana
  • Secret history of the Vimanas


  • History of the HE-111-Z engineering project
  • d20 stats for the HE-111-Z
  • d20 stats for ME-328 parasite fighter
  • d20 stats for the Giant glide

The Rat

  • 1 Map (detailing 3 levels)
  • Crew list and command structure
  • History of the Rat engineering project
  • 5 different ammunition loads (H.E.A.T. AP, phosphorous, etc)
  • d20 game stats for the Rat, its weapons, and embarked motorcycles.

Ashes of Lemuria

  • Ataylans: Rugged and barbaric people from the wild frontiers of Earth
  • Hyperboreans: Tall, willowy, albino aliens from a doomed solar system
  • Nipians: Magical halflings created with sorcery
  • Reptoids: Revolting creatures who once ruled the earth, but are losing power
  • Vitaylans:  Artistic masters and expert craftsmen
  • Yakshas: Avatars of the nature spirit, they require a special ritual upon their death

Episode I: A Heroic Story

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Episode III: Trust and Lies

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Episode IV: Project 963

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Episode V: The Final Battle

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