Amazons vs Valkyries 5e

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A lot of great 5e content is already available for playing AvV in your D20 game. New Feats, oaths, classes, archetypes, races, domains, and equipment have already been released in PDF format. More content is being developed. We are working on more paladin oaths, rogue archetypes, a campaign gazetteer, and several adventure paths. But you don’t have to wait for all that to be finished. You can check out the titles below to start your AvV campaign today!

AvV Campaign Primer

  • Campaign lore and setting information
  • Cultures, cities, commerce, industry
  • magic, religion, monsters
  • Much more!
  • 50+ pages for FREE!

Amazons vs Valkyries: Optional Rules

This short PDF contains 5e options to enhance and customize your AvV campaign. These options have been gathered from previous AvV files as well as unreleased, upcoming files. These options include:

  • Interrogating NPCs
  • Aerial Combat
  • The War Proficiency
  • Exotic Weapons
  • Expanded swimming rules
  • And more!

Arms and Equipment

  • New weapons (Falx, Scizore, and more)
  • New Armor (Cardiophylax, Manica, and more)
  • New Equipment (Astrolabe, hobnailed sandals)
  • New Feats (Jay Bird, Naked Aggression, and Naked and Fearless)


  • Fauns: Hedonistic and playful fairies who protect the wilderness from harm.
  • Gray Dwarves: Repulsive little metalworkers with an aversion to sunlight.
  • Giant Kin: Three subraces with an affinity for earth, fire, or ice.
  • Light Elves: Angelic sorcerers and servants of the Vanir.
  • Nymphs: Ageless maidens with supernatural beauty and a kinship with the gods.
  • Reptilians: Prehistoric humanoids who live in a city deep within the earth.

Barbarian Paths

  • The Beast Rider
  • The Mighty Heroine
  • The True Berserker

Bard College of the Muses

  • Bard College of the Muses (with unique options for each Muse)
  • 7 new spells including cosmic harmony and trance dance
  • 2 new skills (Astronomy tools and Leadership)  

Fighter Archetypes

  • 3 new Fighting Styles: Mounted Combat, Phalanx Fighting, and Skirmisher 
  • The Guard: A protective fighter who can use her shield as a weapon
  • The Mercenary: A versatile and adaptable fighter
  • The Raider: A fighter specialized in asymmetric warfare and sabotage

Cult of Ahura Mazda

  • Temples
  • Rites
  • Two Cleric Domains
  • Oath of Justice

Cult of Andarta

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Andarta’s shrines  
  • Festivals held in Andarta’s honor 
  • New Spell: Spirit of the Bear
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Bear’s Embrace 

Cult of Apollo

  • Temples, festivals, cult lore
  • New Magic Item: Golden Bow
  • New Spell: Fate’s Favored
  • Oath of the Light-bringer

Cult of Artemis

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Forest domain
  • New Spell (Canine Companion)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Wild

Cult of Athena

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Athena’s main temples  
  • Festivals held in Athena’s honor 
  • New Magic Item: The Aegis of Athena (replica)
  • New Artifact: the Aegis of Athena 
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Strategist 

Cult of Caturix

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Catruix’s major temples and shrines  
  • The Battle Prayer and other festivals held in his honor 
  • A new Magic Item: Caturix’s Steed
  • The Oath of the Headhunter 

Cult of Demeter

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Oath of the Sacred Journey

Cult of Dionysus

  • The location of Dionysus’ major temples 
  • The Anthesteria (when the undead walk the streets) and other festivals held in Dionysus’ honor 
  • The Maenads and Gerarai 
  • The Madness Domain which Dionysus and other gods provide for their priestesses 

Cult of Enyo

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Four new magic items
  • Paladin’s Oath of Destruction

Cult of Eris

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Eris’ temples and sacred sites 
  • Festivals held in Eris’ honor 
  • New Monster: Cacodemons
  • Rogue Archetype: Influencer
  • Cleric Domain: Strife
  • Paladin’s Oath of Mayhem & Misery

Cult of Freyja

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Oath of the Perfect Companion
  • Oath of Warrior’s Resolve

Cult of the Great Mother

  • Campaign lore explaining how Amazons and Valkyries are related
  • A pantheon of secret, prehistoric deities  
  • 5 New Artifacts 
  • 2 New Monsters (telchines and dactyls) 
  • Paladins riding bronze-golem steeds that have breath weapons 
  • Earth Domain 
  • Oath of Earth and Stone 
  • 14 new spells including Terra Form and Falling Stars 

Cult of Hecate

  • Temples
  • Rites
  • Two Cleric Domains
  • Oath of the Moon and Magic

Cult of Heimdall

  • Sample cult secrets
  • Places where Heimdall is worshiped  
  • Ceremonies honoring Heimdall
  • New Spell: Night Watch
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Watcher

Cult of Heracles 

  • A New Magic Item, enchanted lion skin cloak
  • A new spell, Mighty Endurance 
  • The Oath of Strength
  • A new artifact, the Shield of Heracles

Cult of Isis

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • 3 Legendary Magic Items (Book of Breathing, Knot of Isis, Veil of Isis)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Great Lady

Cult of Moloch

  • Temples, celebrations, and methods
  • New undead monster: The Maliku
  • Fire Domain
  • New spells (Eruption and Wildfire)
  • Oath of Immolated Souls
  • Sample NPC: Izabella, Herald of Moloch

Cult of Nike

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Cleric’s Domain of Competition
  • Oath of the Champion

Cult of Ninkilim

  • Places of worship
  • Rites
  • New Spells: (breath of locust, cicada swarm)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Outcast

Cult of Odin

  • Places of worship
  • New Spells: Inspire Fury
  • 4 Artifacts (throne, spear, Mead of Poetry, Mimir’s Head)
  • Paladin’s Oath of Boundless Wisdom
  • Paladin’s Oath of Battle Fury
  • Paladins Oath of the Death Bringer

Cult of Poseidon

  • Temples
  • Observances
  • 2 New Spells (earthshaker, trident of disaster)
  • Oath of Disaster

Cult of Ran

  • The location of Ran’s shrines and altars   
  • Festivals held in Ran’s honor 
  • 1 New Feat: Net Expert
  • Paladin’s Oath of Plunder and Pleasure


Cult of Skadi

  • Information on Skadi’s shrines and sacred groves 
  • The Archer’s Feast and other festivals held in Skadi’s honor 
  • Skadi’s children  
  • A new spell, Arctic Essence  
  • The Oath of Mountain’s Calling, which Skadi’s paladins take. 

Cult of Sekhmet

  • The location of Sekhmet’s major temples 
  • The Day of Destruction and other festivals held in Sekhmet’s honor 
  • The guardian statues of Sekhmet 
  • A new spell, Sun Ray 
  • The Oath of Blood and Fire which Sekhmet’s paladins take

Cult of Sobek

  • The location of Sobek’s major temple and mortuary complex 
  • The Feast of Sobek and other festivals held in his honor 
  • A Giant Crocodile Mummy 
  • A New Magic Item, Sobek’s Helmets 
  • A new spell, Day’s Catch 
  • The Oath of Taking 

Cult of Sol

  • Temples
  • Rites
  • Cleric’s Domain of Voyages
  • Oath of the Dawn-Bringer

Cult of Tanit

  • Temple locations
  • cult secrets and methods
  • Magical Shields – Tanit’s emblem
  • New Spell -Necromantic Surge
  • Oath of the Moon’s Bond

Druid Circles

  • Circle of Abundance
  • Circle of Arcana

Divine Domains

  • Death
  • Fertility 
  • Fire
  • Hearth/Home
  • The Hunt
  • Magic 
  • Moon 
  • Prophecy 
  • Sea 

The Priestess

Compared to the cleric, the priestess has a longer spell list and is more effective against undead. She can also inspire her allies with heart-felt sermons and inoculate them against some mind effects. Like a wizard, she doesn’t wear armor or use many weapons. She relies on magic and lore to overcome obstacles, and she has some extra spells to help do that. 

Quest for the Yulania Tree

Quest for the Yulania Tree is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 1st to 4th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.

The Manticore’s Den

The Manticore’s Den is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 1st to 4th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 2. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting.

Rogue Archetypes

  • The Investigator
  • The Scout
  • The Outlaw
  • The Trickster

The Charlatan Rogue Archetype

  • A rogue that masquerades as a spellcaster
  • 4 New Spells
  • 1 New Feat

The Scolar

The Scholar and its three archetypes represent the philosophers of Greece, the Magi of Persia, and the physicians of Egypt. More common than wizards, scholars are accepted in society and they sometimes hunt witches, sorceresses, and charlatans. Scholars are experts at ritual casting and can cast many more spells as rituals than other casters. 

The Sorceress

Four new origins:

  • Arcane Ancestor
  • Divine Ancestor
  • Elemental Ancestor
  • Fey Ancestor

Bloodline Feats

  • 23 Heroic Bloodlines (Heracles, Perseus, Zal, Atalanta, Hippolyta, Yngvi, and more than a dozen others from Greek and Norse mythology). 
  • An overview of the Amazons Vs Valkyries Campaign Setting 
  • Summaries of the Volsung Saga, the story of the House of Atreus, the story of Wayland the Smith, and several other ancient legends 
  • A full color map of the campaign world 
  • 92 feats. Some are new, some updated from other sources. New feats include  Charming Smile, Demoralizing Strike, Inherited Madness, Warped Mind, War Child,  Wrath of Achilles, and more!

Backgrounds and Homelands

  • Athlete
  • Exile
  • Farmer
  • Huntress
  • Professional
  • Slave
  • Plus Homelands and Languages

Warrior Cults

  • 32 warrior cults, mercenary bands, and special operations units. 
  • Each unit’s strength, symbol, objective, creed, missions, and locations.
  • Campaign setting details  (recruitment and monsters)
  • An updated campaign map 

The Blood of Trinakria: Pre-Generated Characters I

This PDF features six pre-generated characters for the upcoming campaign path The Blood of Trinakria. The first adventure in the path is “Prelude to War.”

Trinakria Gazetteer

This gazetteer details the island of Trinakria (ancient, mythic Sicily) at the start of the First Punic War (263 BCE). This book has been developed to support the upcoming campaign path, “The Blood of Trinakria,” which follows the course of the First Punic War in the Amazons vs Valkyries adventure setting.

Character Spotlight: Amastris

Tyrant of Heraclea and queen of her own expanding empire, Amastris is intent on restoring her family to the Persian throne.

Character Spotlight: Kara

A Caledonian barbarian and legendary athlete, Kara travels to Carthage, Gothiscandza, Rome and even to lands east of Midgard. As a Valkyrie commander, she leads shock troops against the Amazons.

Character Spotlight: Cynane of Macedon

Alexander’s older sister, Cynane was leading armies and vanquishing warrior queens in single combat before she turned 17. After giving birth to her daughter, Adea, Cynane returned to the battlefields of Illyria and Thrace. After Alexander died, Cynane made a daring play for the throne. Though she perished, Adea would go on to fulfil her mother’s dream of ruling the empire. An Amazon commander and princess of Macedon, Cynane is also among the PCs’ patrons in the Amazon vs Valkyries saga.

Character Spotlight: Padia

  • Full biography and personality profile
  • Patron, Ally, or Enemy
  • Game stats at CR 2, CR 4, and CR 14
  • CR 7 celestial lion mount
  • New Spell: Sun Ray

Character Spotlight: Arsinoe II

  • Detailed character background 
  • Campaign setting lore 
  • Dozens of ideas for adventures 
  • Personality traits 
  • Use as a Patron, Ally, or Enemy 
  • D20 stats at 4th, 9th, and 20th level 

Destroy the Bridge

Development Phase: 4 (Post production PoD layout)

Destroy the Bridge is a Fifth Edition adventure for four to five characters of 5th to 8th level, and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 5. This adventure is designed for the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, but can be easily adapted to any other fantasy setting. Follow the Kickstarter right here!