Poisonous Plants

With more than 400 sales on Kickstarter, Poisonous Plants is already one of our top sellers. This beautifully illustrated PDF features 67 toxic plants and their alternate uses as herbal remedies, alchemical substances, and spell enhancements.

22 Talent Trees

  • 86 talents grouped into 22 Talent Trees
  • A new feat to perform lifesaving transplants
  • Free Preview

Hell on Earth 1938-1945

  • 10 advanced classes  
  • 55 Feats
  • Tons of vehicles 
  • 100s of weapons 
  • Radios, spy gear, cipher devices.
  • Magic items 
  • Exotic equipment 

The Amazon

  • The Banneret prestige class 
  • The Amazon advanced class
  • Spell List for the Banneret 
  • The Amazon’s Special Mount  

The Valkyrie

  • The Shield Maiden prestige class
  • The Valkyrie advanced class.  
  • Spell List for the Shield Maiden
  • The Valkyrie’s Special Mount

Advanced Races

  • Dvergar
  • Fauns
  • Gnomes
  • Jotnar
  • Ljosalfar
  • Nymphs

Power Armor

  • 11 Sample suits of power armor
  • Guidelines for building custom suits
  • Communication systems
  • Resizing, repairing, donning, and enhancing power armor 
  • New Feats
  • 80+ special devices


  • 23 Heroic Bloodlines
  • An overview of the AvV Campaign Setting 
  • Summaries of several sagas and legends
  • A player’s map of the campaign world 
  • New Feats

Organizations, Agencies, and Secret Societies

  • 13 Government Agencies
  • 24 Secret Societies
  • 12 Political Organizations

Another 22 Talent Trees

  • Dozens of talents grouped into 22 Talent Trees
  • Four new martial arts feats
  • Free Preview

Wilderness Traps

  • 12 New Wilderness Traps

Complete Thaumaturgic Codex

  • 77 Spells
  • 46 Magic Items
  • School of Shadow


  • Desert Dwarves: These children of Hephaestus are expert crafters and advisors to kings.
  • Gray Dwarves: Repulsive little metalworkers with an aversion to sunlight.
  • Light Elves: Angelic sorcerers and servants of the Vanir.
  • Fauns: Hedonistic and playful fairies who protect the wilderness from harm.
  • Giant Kin: Three subspecies with an affinity for earth, fire, or ice.
  • Marsh Gnomes: These gnomes live in close-knit communities and bond with animals.
  • Savannah Gnomes: These gnomes live in huge burrows and fight flocks of cranes.
  • Nymphs: Ageless maidens with supernatural beauty and a kinship with the gods.

Warrior Cults

  • 32 warrior cults, mercenary bands, and special operations units. 
  • Each unit’s strength, symbol, objective, creed, missions, and locations.
  • Campaign setting details  (recruitment and monsters)
  • An updated campaign map 

Arms and Armor

New Armors Include: Cardiophylax, Manica, Helm and greaves combo, Lamellar (3 types), Linothorax (2 types), , Reinforced shields, Wicker shields, and wearing weapons, (as armor)

New Weapons Include: Falx, Harpe, Kontos, Kopis, Makhaira, Pata, Plumbata, Sarissa, Scizore, and Xyston.

The appendix offers some new feats for characters who prefer to do battle with no armor or clothing at all. These include:

  • Jaybird
  • Naked Aggression 
  • Naked and Fearless

Core Classes

Core Classes:

  • Barbarian – the same one you know and love
  • Huntress – alt. ranger with no spells
  • Mystic – new arcane spell caster with several unique powers
  • Priestess – new divine spell caster with some bard-like abilities
  • Rogue – basically the same, with 1 new ability
  • Soldier – alt. fighter with period appropriate training

New skills, new domains, and deities!


  • 54 Living Languages and a random table to determine your character’s homeland and starting language.
  • 35 Extinct Languages and DCs for researching and deciphering them. 
  • Magical Languages and an overview of the three cultures of magic (Egyptian, Minoan, and Mitanni).
  • A full color, highly detailed map of the campaign world!
  • Plenty of information on the history and cultures of the setting
  •  Expanded realistic rules for learning and comprehension of language
  • 4 characters from Amazons Vs Valkyries introduced as examples (Tora, Seyeh, Kara, and Padia).
  • Sacred Languages, Secret Languages, Sign Languages, Rogue Languages, Trade Languages, and more!
  • New feats for languages including Demagoguery, Polyglot, and Hyperpolyglot. 
  • 12 game seeds and plot hooks involving language
  • Dozens of sample character names (and their meanings) organized by culture. 

Spell Cannons

  • Spell crystals
  • New Spells
  • Crafting
  • Attachments and accessories

Mechanized Weapons

  • Saw Swords
  • Gyro-Blades 
  • Anvil Axes 
  • Power Hammers 
  • Saturation Apparatus 
  • Bolt Throwers 
  • Shock Rods 
  • 4 more

Nature’s Wrath

  • 40 Real World Poisonous Plants
  • 40 Real World Diseases
  • 60 new conditions

Free Preview

Arms and Armor of the Stone Age

  • 59 new weapons
  • 9 new types of armor
  • 11 new shields

Primal Feats

50 New Feats!

Primal Heroes: The Savage

  • 140 feats and abilities
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Heroes: The Sentinel

  • 133 feats and abilities
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Races

5 New Races!

1948: Ray Guns

  • 12 ray guns including death rays and pulse guns
  • Rules for crafting ray guns 
  • Rules for amplifiers and external battery packs

1948: Lost Languages

  • 17 different languages including Atlantian, Classical Cuneiform, Etruscan,  Byblos, Indus, Olmec, Ramic, Zapotec and others
  • Historical information on the cultures that used each language
  • DCs for researching and deciphering each language
  • External links to additional related information
  • Tips on what could be learned from each language

1948: The Ninja

  • Ninja Prestige Class
  • Black Dragon Secret Society
  • Cloak Dance Feat
  • Acrobatics Moves Talent
  • Dragonfly, 12th level NPC 
  • Ninjitsu Fighting Style

Magic of the SS

  • Eagle Emblem of Evil – A badge that empowers the wearer to detect Good creatures and strike them down.
  • Close Combat Clasp – Awarded to soldiers who fight on the front lines, this badge increases the wearer’s unarmed combat skills.
  • Skull and Crossbones of Terror – This badge empowers the wearer with the ability terrify his enemies with mind-numbing sorcery.
  • Blood Order –This rare and exclusive ribbon infuses the wearer’s soul with unholy might, propelling him to new levels of power
  • 22 other powerful magic items!

Spy Radios and Cipher Devices

  • 11 spy radios including direction finding radios and wrist radios 
  • cipher devices including decoder rings. 
  • 5 new feats such as Radio Man, Signal Specialist and Advanced Cryptography. 
  • Broadcasting basics, explained in simple game terms.

The Vimana

  • d20 stats for 4 different Vimanas
  • d20 stats for 3 different death rays
  • How to fly a Vimana
  • How to build a Vimana
  • Where to find a Vimana
  • Secret history of the Vimanas

The Waffen SS

  •  Overview of the SS in 1948. The size, diversity, training, symbology, and organization.
  • SS Waffen Storm Trooper Advanced Class with six sample characters (Strong, Fast, Tough, machine gunner, and two snipers)
  • Sample heavy panzer division, more than 15,000 men and over 4,000 vehicles.
  • Sample Nazi Black Veil Occultist
  • Sample SS field commander
  • Overman Template with sample character
  • *Wolf Template with sample character

1948: Basic Training Manual

  • Combat Pilot
  • Demolition Expert
  • Field Medic
  • Gentle Warrior
  • Machinist
  • Martial Artist
  • Professional Driver
  • Research Scientist
  • Resistance Fighter
  • Sniper
  • Soldier
  • Spy
  • Survivalist

1948: Elite Training Manual

  • Arch Mage
  • Artificer
  • Commander
  • Commando
  • Dark Sage
  • Ecclesiarch
  • Expert Marksman
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Mentalist
  • Nazi Occultist
  • Psionic Stalker
  • Robotics Engineer

1948: Elite Gear

  •  Armor: 19 different types of body armor
  • Psionic Devices: Several devices that enhance psychic powers, such as  biofeedback monitors and Faraday cages
  • Vehicles: 11 new vehicles including combat bikes, two flying platforms, jet packs and sea jeeps
  • Weapons: 13 advanced weapons including the automatic shotgun, the 50 caliber pistol, the German “J” gun that can shoot around corners, The US Marine Corp. Stinger, and the British Welrod — a sniper weapon with radioactive sights
  • Miscellaneous Gear: X-rations (special meals for combat troops), field marshal glasses, and masterwork ghillie suits
  • Ammunition: 10 unique ammunition types including Dum-Dum, hollow point, explosive, multi-ball, long-range ball, frangible, and others

1948: FX Training Manual

  • Acolyte
  • Adept
  • Arcane Scholar
  • Mage
  • Meditative Warrior
  • Mystic
  • Occultist
  • Psionic Agent
  • Telepath

1948: General Patton

  • Details on the life and adventures of General George Patton
  • Adventure hooks and setting information
  • d20 stats for Patton and his gear (including the Patton Saber)
  • d20 stats for a new template (ancient warrior spirit)

Specialized Training Manual

This supplement includes an additional 151 feats that are available to all characters in 1948. Many of these feats have been gathered from various OGC sources while others have been created specifically for this setting. Below is a brief summery of the feats found in this supplement.

Dive Bombing, Duck and Cover, Heavy Fire, Parachute Jump, Rapid Action, Sonar Operation, Combat Driving, Crash Endurance, True Hearted, Teamwork, Best Defense, Sonic Enhancement, Rapid Summons, Heroic Will, Advanced Cryptography, Radio Man, Signal Specialist, Cloak Dance, Nonlethal Spell, Fell Shot, Focus Power, Ghost Attack, Psionic Charge, Antithesis, Cross Training, Enemy, Guns Akimbo, Hard Eyed, Wing Man, Formation Flying, Alien Craft Operation, Diagnostic Ear, Deft Repair, Exotic Weapon (Trench Tool), and many, many more!

A total of 151 feats approved, adjusted, and ready for use in 1948! Stop searching through dozens of PDFs and books to find the right feats for your 1948 war hero. This file collects them all into one convenient location!

1948: Clandestine Weapons

  • Welrod: A super-silent pistol with radioactive sights.
  • 22 Caliber Cigarette: Easily concealable and deadly at close range, this is an essential weapon for every spy.
  • Bulgarian Umbrella: This insidious weapon can deliver a lethal dose of poison painlessly
  • Poison Gas Gun: One of the most popular top secret weapons of assassination, this gun kills and leaves no trace.
  • Peskett: This versatile weapon is a club, a dagger, and a garrote all concealed in a small, unassuming rod.
  • 13 other top secret weapons for spies, commandoes, and resistance fighters of the WWII and Cold War era.

1948: Top Secret Explosives

  • 8 new explosive and incendiary devices
  • 5 new firing devices 
  • New Feat

1948: Drugs

  • 13 drugs including pervatine, morphine, steroids, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, sodium thiopental (truth serum), phurium-932 and others
  • Purchase DCs, availability, side effects, overdose, and addiction rules

The Rat

  • 1 Map (detailing 3 levels)
  • Crew list and command structure
  • History of the Rat engineering project
  • 5 different ammunition loads (H.E.A.T. AP, phosphorous, etc)
  • d20 game stats for the Rat, its weapons, and embarked motorcycles.

The Super Spy

  • d20 stats for the Super Spy prestige class
  • Adventure hooks and setting information
  • d20 stats for a super spy NPC (Grachev, CR 12)
  • Background and  personality for Grachev
  • Information on the Soviet secret spy agency, the NKVD
  • d20 stats for several clandestine equipment items

God Spells

God Spells contains 50 spells for divine casters. Druids, clerics, paladins and rangers can all find useful tools in this assortment of miracles. Plenty of stunning new spells such as pollen cloud, armor of stone, excommunication, and sorghum’s wrath are featured among these pages, and are waiting to enhance your game.  Mass resurrection is always a crowd-pleaser and the deadly tongue of swords is sure to get any enemy’s attention!

Hero’s Handbook

The Hero’s Handbook is packed with enhancements and options for high-fantasy heroes. It contains over 120 new feats, more than 80 new magic items, 12 new prestige classes, 80 new spells and dozens of new inventions of alchemy and craftsmanship. It also features an appendix of bonus material that didn’t fit in the other chapters, including a new race and a new class. From sinister weapons and gemstone-plated armor to magical beds and crushing arcana, the Hero’s Handbook is essential for any spell-wielding, sword-brandishing band of heroes!

Glinda of Oz

  • Game stats and profile for the title character, Glinda the Good
  • Game stats for the Spider King
  • Mundane magic items such as cans of brains.
  • Rules for cooperative spell casting
  • Three powerful artifacts:  The Wand of Ozma, the Belt of the Gnome King and the Book of Records

Arms and Equipment

  • New weapons (Falx, Scizore, and more)
  • New Armor (Cardiophylax, Manica, and more)
  • New Equipment (Astrolabe, hobnailed sandals)
  • New Feats (Jay Bird, Naked Aggression, and Naked and Fearless)

Cult of Athena

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Athena’s main temples  
  • Festivals held in Athena’s honor 
  • New Magic Item: The Aegis of Athena (replica)
  • New Artifact: the Aegis of Athena 
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Strategist 

Cult of Artemis

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Forest domain
  • New Spell (Canine Companion)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Wild

Cult of Caturix

  • Sample cult secrets
  • The location of Catruix’s major temples and shrines  
  • The Battle Prayer and other festivals held in his honor 
  • A new Magic Item: Caturix’s Steed
  • The Oath of the Headhunter 

Backgrounds and Homelands

Six New Backgrounds:

  • Athlete. 
  • Farmer. 
  • Exile.    
  • Huntress. 
  • Professional. 
  • Slave.

Plus Homelands and Starting Languages!

Barbarian Paths

  • The Beast Rider
  • The Mighty Heroine
  • The True Berserker

Bloodline Feats

  • 23 Heroic Bloodlines (Heracles, Perseus, Zal, Atalanta, Hippolyta, Yngvi, and more than a dozen others from Greek and Norse mythology). 
  • An overview of the Amazons Vs Valkyries Campaign Setting 
  • Summaries of the Volsung Saga, the story of the House of Atreus, the story of Wayland the Smith, and several other ancient legends 
  • A full color map of the campaign world 
  • 92 feats. Some are new, some updated from other sources. New feats include  Charming Smile, Demoralizing Strike, Inherited Madness, Warped Mind, War Child,  Wrath of Achilles, and more!

Cult of the Great Mother

  • Campaign lore explaining how Amazons and Valkyries are related
  • A pantheon of secret, prehistoric deities  
  • 5 New Artifacts 
  • 2 New Monsters (telchines and dactyls) 
  • Paladins riding bronze-golem steeds that have breath weapons 
  • Earth Domain 
  • Oath of Earth and Stone 
  • 14 new spells including Terra Form and Falling Stars 

Cult of Sekhmet

  • The location of Sekhmet’s major temples 
  • The Day of Destruction and other festivals held in Sekhmet’s honor 
  • The guardian statues of Sekhmet 
  • A new spell, Sun Ray 
  • The Oath of Blood and Fire which Sekhmet’s paladins take

Cult of Skadi

  • Information on Skadi’s shrines and sacred groves 
  • The Archer’s Feast and other festivals held in Skadi’s honor 
  • Skadi’s children  
  • A new spell, Arctic Essence  
  • The Oath of Mountain’s Calling, which Skadi’s paladins take. 

Cult of Dionysus

  • The location of Dionysus’ major temples 
  • The Anthesteria (when the undead walk the streets) and other festivals held in Dionysus’ honor 
  • The Maenads and Gerarai 
  • The Madness Domain which Dionysus and other gods provide for their priestesses 

Cult of Heracles 

  • A New Magic Item, enchanted lion skin cloak
  • A new spell, Mighty Endurance 
  • The Oath of Strength
  • A new artifact, the Shield of Heracles

Cult of Sobek

  • The location of Sobek’s major temple and mortuary complex 
  • The Feast of Sobek and other festivals held in his honor 
  • A Giant Crocodile Mummy 
  • A New Magic Item, Sobek’s Helmets 
  • A new spell, Day’s Catch 
  • The Oath of Taking 

Divine Domains

  • Death
  • Fertility 
  • Fire
  • Hearth/Home
  • The Hunt
  • Magic 
  • Moon 
  • Prophecy 
  • Sea 

Fighter Archetypes

  • 3 new Fighting Styles: Mounted Combat, Phalanx Fighting, and Skirmisher 
  • The Guard: A protective fighter who can use her shield as a weapon
  • The Mercenary: A versatile and adaptable fighter
  • The Raider: A fighter specialized in asymmetric warfare and sabotage

The Priestess

Compared to the cleric, the priestess has a longer spell list and is more effective against undead. She can also inspire her allies with heart-felt sermons and inoculate them against some mind effects. Like a wizard, she doesn’t wear armor or use many weapons. She relies on magic and lore to overcome obstacles, and she has some extra spells to help do that. 

Cult of Freyja

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • Oath of the Perfect Companion
  • Oath of Warrior’s Resolve

Cult of Isis

  • Temples
  • Festivals
  • 3 Legendary Magic Items (Book of Breathing, Knot of Isis, Veil of Isis)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Great Lady

Cult of Ninkilim

  • Places of worship
  • Rites
  • New Spells: (breath of locust, cicada swarm)
  • Paladin’s Oath of the Outcast

Public Enemy: General Steele

  • Summary of General Steele (Origin, Personality, Combat Tactics, Goals, etc.)
  • PL 12 stats 
  • Minions (Service Droids, Heavy Infantry Droids, Assassin Droids, Pilots, Black Ops Troops, and Mercenaries)
  • Vehicles (UAVs, SUVs, and Helicopters)
  • Adventure hooks
  • 3 Headquarters (R&D Facility, Secret Fortress, and Submarine Aircraft Carrier)

The H.A.C.K.S.A.W.

  • Full M&M 3E stats -PL10
  • Areas of Specialty, Methods, and Objectives
  • Allies and Enemies
  • Personality
  • Origin
  • Combat Tactics


  • Summary of Shadowblade (Origin, Personality, Combat Tactics, Goals, Methods, etc.)
  • PL 12 stats 
  • Magical gear (scimitars, cloak, armor)
  • Illusion magic
  • Adventure hooks

Bane Leger: Volume I

30 New Monsters!

Bane Ledger: Volume II

25 New Monsters!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  • Munchkins as a playable race
  • The Living Construct Template
  • Game stats for the Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow showing advancement through the story
  • 2 new monsters—winged monkeys and the dreadful Kalidahs
  • New feat – Fearsome Roar
  • New spell – Bane Ward
  • 4 new magic items including silver slippers of travel and the Woodman’s Cursed Axe

Magic of Oz

  • Cans of Brains
  • The Woodman’s Cursed Ax
  • Ozma’s Wand
  • The Belt of the Gnome King
  • The Powder of Life
  • The Book of Records
  • Old Mombi’s Crystal Ball
  • Silver Shoes of Travel
  • And more

Book of Broken Dreams

  • Stress
  • Personality
  • Insanity
  • Group Dynamics
  • News spells

Exceptional Items

  • Bottled Courage: For those times when your morale needs a little extra kick
  • Dragon Bane: Keeps the wyrms away! 
  • Mage’s Blend: Ever wonder what wizards are smoking in their pipes??
  • Mining Spikes: For blasting open doors and other barriers…
  • Noisemakers: Great for distracting foes and covering your own noise
  • Power Pills: These small blue pills do wonders for your magical potency!
  • Sleep Tablets: These pills contain 8 hours of sleep.
  • Plus 36 other innovative ideas to enhance your OGL game!

Primal Heroes: The Knave

  • 140+ roguish class abilities
  • Clean and Unclean spell lists (1st -6th level)

Primal Heroes: The Magus

  • 164 arcane powers
  • 34 spells
  • Clean and Unclean spell lists (1st -9th level)
  • Endless possibilities!

Primal Magic Items

  • 20 new Magic Items!

21 Magic Items

  • Blanket of Solace: Protects you from the cold and from your enemies!
  • Compass of Direction: This handy compass finds a lot more than magnetic North! 
  • Headband of Phantasmal Projection: Bring your ideas to life! 
  • Net of Negation: The perfect weapon for anyone hunting witches, wizards, or sorcerers!
  • Sun Stone: This small, glowing rock contains the power of the Sun and can incinerate undead. 

Enhanced Armor

This file covers four unique types of non-magical enhancements and alternate rules that can be used to improve your medieval armor:

  • Gemstone Plating
  • Hell Forged
  • Reinforced
  • Piece Mail

Marble Chess Set

  • 6 New magic items – figurines of wondrous power including 3rd level priests, 5th level fighters, and 9th level sorcerers. 
  • 5 New Feats including Armor Expert and Fearless Assault 
  • 5 New Spells including conversion fieldsheet of flame and shockwave.