Language and Culture (5e)

This file outlines the languages and cultures of the Amazons vs Valkyries setting, explaining them in 5e terms. Topics covered include:

  • Trade languages. All PCs know at least one trade language, which is used throughout the world
  • Homeland languages. The language of your homeland
  • Alien languages. Languages from other worlds
  • Rogue languages. The slang and innuendo used by criminals
  • Secret languages. Languages used by
  • Prestige languages. Aristocrats, scholars, and priestess sometimes know these exclusory languages
  • Magical languages. Languages used for magic and spellcasting
  • Sign languages. Communication using hand signs
  • Signals. Using noise, smoke, or light to communicate over long distances
  • Cultural traits. each character has a few unique traits related to their homeland and culture. These include literacy, formal education, horse handling, nature skills, maritime skills, and certain fighting styles.

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