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Now that the updates for the Thaumaturgic Codex are done, its time to start thinking about what’s next. Below (and in no particular order) are the top 6 item on the List of Things to Do. There is no guarantee that any of these projects will get finished. There is also no guarantee that some other project not mentioned here will end up being the next thing released. I have a bad habit of making lists like this, then working on something completely different. So we’ll see what happens. But as of right now, this moment, it looks like the top 6 things to work on are:

Nature’s Wrath: Poisons. This 5e collection of toxic plants is an updated version of the original Natures Wrath. It includes nearly all the same plant poisons that appeared in the original volume, updated to the 5e rules. I’ve been poking away at this for a while, and it is more than half done. Some previews are available to patrons of the Enabler and Instigator levels on Patreon. The current plan is to finish this up, then produce another volume of fictional poisons to put on the DM’s Guild. After that, I plan to do the same thing with the diseases.

The Cult of Odin. This is necessary and critical for AvV. I’ve got a rough draft, and could probably get it done fairly quickly. There is good artwork available for it too. So it is a top contender for my attention right now.

AvV: Crime and Punishment. This was the top priority until the recent shift in focus to generic material. I’m also considering making this my first kickstarter, since it is a fairly large project. Current status is about 75% finished, but I’d like to add more adventures to it. For now, I think its going to continue simmering on the back burner for a few more weeks while I focus on some other things. I am, however, still spending a few hours each week on it.

Adventures. I’m working on about 12 different short adventures that I’ll be posting on the DM’s Guild and DriveThru later this year. Which site they get posted on depends on the subject matter and content. Adventures that use a lot of my own content will be on DriveThru, but there will be several that rely on more generic content and can be put on the DM’s Guild.

AvV Campaign Guide. Since this is mostly finished it doesn’t really belong on this list, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it. I expect to get the manuscript back from the editor soon. After that, it needs some layout and finalization, and then it will be made available for free. It is over 40 pages long and contains a wealth of new information about the setting.

NPC Profiles. The first NPC profile released was about Padia, from Amazons vs Valkyries. A free preview of that will be made available at some point. Meanwhile, we are also about to release Hamron the Mage, which will be entirely free. More than just an NPC, Hamron has some personal failings and a lot of baggage. If the PCs can actually help him, they will be rewarded with plenty of xp. There are several more characters like this in development. They are associated with other projects. For example, Hamron’s profile includes some previews and special discounts for the Thaumaturgic Codex series. His spellbook includes a new spell from each of the codices. Other NPCs that feature feats and special abilities from the Amazons vs Valkyries titles are being developed. There is also one associated with the poisons. I like developing these, but the artwork is the biggest challenge for them. So I’ve been working on ways to deal with that.

With all of that being said, its now time to get to work. If you have any comments about any of that, please leave them below!

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