Thaumaturgic Codex PoD – Coming Soon!

The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex has passed the pre-media process at Lightning Source and a proof has been ordered. It will still be a couple weeks before I have it in my hand, but it is on the way. The delays in shipping may cause the kickstarter to get delayed into April. I’d like to have some pictures or even a video of the actual book to share for the kickstarter.

If you would like to get a preview of the sort of content tyhat will be in the Complete Thaumaturgic Codex, you can check out the PDFs that are already available on DriveThru:

The Thaumaturgic Codex Book I

The Thaumaturgic Codex Book II

The Thaumaturgic Codex Book III

37 Magic Items

Or get them all in a Bundle for just $6.95

The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex will be available in PoD and will have 17 more spells and 2 more magic items than what are in the PDFs.

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