META: Pre-Orders Now Available!

In only a few minutes I set up a pre-order feature using the widgets of this new WordPress web site. It uses PayPal for payment processing. Customers can now pre-order titles that are in development. By pre-ordering a title, you secure a copy for 50% off the final cover price. When the title is released, I’ll send links to all the pre-order customers for a free (since you’ve already paid for the pre-order) download from DriveThru.

The release dates listed on the In Development page are very generous projections because I would rather release stuff early than miss a release date. The three titles available now for pre-order will probably be done before their “estimated release date,” but I want to give myself plenty of time. After releasing more than 160 titles over the past 20 years, I know projects have a way of growing. If a date has to be pushed back, I’ll announce it here in this blog and send an e-mail to all pre-order customers about the delay. but I don’t expect that will happen.

So check out what we have In Development. If there is something you find interesting, like the Poisonous Plants book, pre-order it today!

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