The Cult of Ares

The Cult of Ares is coming soon to Kickstarter! This cult will be available in two versions: the 5e compatible version (pictured above) and the Pathfinder 1 version (still in… Read more

Ancient Magic

Here is the new cover for Ancient Magic, a collection of classes, archetypes, spells, magic items, and optional rules inspired by historical accounts of magic in the ancient world. Featuring:… Read more

5 New AvV Titles Coming Soon!

There are five new Amazons vs Valkyries titles coming soon! They are already finished, and I’ll be posting them to my Patron page in the next few days and I’ll… Read more

NEW – YouTube Channel!

We now have a Youtube Channel! You can check it out right here: It only has one video right now, but we will be adding more. We have a… Read more

Thaumaturgic Codex PoD – Coming Soon!

The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex has passed the pre-media process at Lightning Source and a proof has been ordered. It will still be a couple weeks before I have it in… Read more

Upcoming Releases 2/2

Well, here we are in February and I already changed gears twice since the first half of this blog post was written! Fortunately, we got those first three titles out… Read more

Design Diary: The Priestess Revised

The Priestess class for AvV has been revised. Although it’s designed for AvV, it works great in any 5e campaign setting where religious leaders shun weapons and armor, wearing robes… Read more

Design Diary: Thaumaturgic Codex

Today I’m working on revising the Thaumaturgic Codex series. I’m re-doing the layout for the first two volumes and working on a third volume of spells. I’m also going to… Read more