Ancient Magic

Here is the new cover for Ancient Magic, a collection of classes, archetypes, spells, magic items, and optional rules inspired by historical accounts of magic in the ancient world.


  • Laws about magic
  • The Bard College of the Muses (already available on DriveThru and Patreon)
  • The Witch class and three archetypes
  • The Scholar class and three archetypes
  • The Rogue Charlatan archetype
  • Knot Magic (currently only available on my Patreon)
  • New Backgrounds for spellcasters: Academies of Study
  • Daemons
  • New skills: Astronomy and Engineering
  • New uses for: Herbalism kits and Alchemy kits
  • Moon magic, Fate magic, Fertility magic
  • Curse tablets
  • The evil eye
  • True names
  • Power Words
  • Necromancy
  • Magic and culture in Rome, Persia, Babylon, Egypt, Germania, Carthage, and Greece

What was it like to be a witch in Persia? Or a sorceress in Athens? Or a bard in Rome?

Well, it turns out, unlike other arcane spellcasters, bards are accepted almost everywhere they go. But in Rome, even bards must be careful of running afoul of the strict laws against arcane magic.

More to come!

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