The Blade of Might and Other Magic Items

The Blade of Might and Other Magic Items is a collection of magic items for warriors. These items are designed for the Telestic Engine setting, but are compatible with any 5e game, despite the science fantasy flavor. This PDF includes the following items: 

Bracer of Many Forms. This archaic bracer turns the wearer into one of several different monstrous forms, each more powerful than the last, and each suited to a different purpose.

Beast Armor. Each suit of this enchanted armor turns the wearer into a beast such as a lion, bear, dolphin, cheetah, or giant scorpion. More than 30 creatures/armors are available.

Battle Staves. Not all warriors use swords. Some use iron staves. And sometimes, those staves are imbued with arcane power. Detailed in this file are: the staff of fear, the staff of ice and snow, the staff of destruction, the staff of invulnerability, and the staff of knowledge.  

Magical Shields. Three magical shields are detailed in this file: the shield of pestilence, the shield of healing, and the shield of force.

Helms of Arcana. Each of these 22 magical helms has a lesser power that uses one charge and a greater power that uses two charges. Each helm has a different theme. Some shoot bolts of fire while others enable the wearer to fly, become invisible, create illusions, and more.

The Blade of Might. When called upon, the power in this artifact turns the user into a veritable superhero.


This file also features:

A New Spell. Insulating field

A Spell from the Thaumaturgic Codex. Diaphanous shift

Flavor Changes. The flavor text and spell components for a few SRD spells are changed to help them fit better into a science fantasy setting. 

Telestic Engine

This title marks the beginning of updating our Telestic Engine setting to 5e. As the first title in that process, this file includes some commentary on that project. For updates and release announcements about Telestic Engine and any of our other projects visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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