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We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks. There are six new titles coming for AvV in the near future. Most of them are finished now. Four are still waiting for more artwork. So I guess its time to start talking about them. The first three will be the Cult of Moloch, Rogue Archetypes, and Backgrounds and Homelands. The next three will be the Cult of Tanit, the Cult of Odin, and Combat Duty: Destroy the Bridge. Though the last one is tentative, since Aftermath may get finished first. Today, lets talk about the first three.

The Cult of Moloch. This 10-page PDF carries the strongest content waring of any material we have ever produced. If you cannot handle extreme cruelty and violence, do not read this file. Furthermore, this material is intended for DMs only. Players should not play paladins with this oath.

This file includes details on Moloch’s cult, their practices, and how they expand their influence. It provides everything a DM needs to create evil cultists to oppose their players. Moloch’s followers take the Oath of Immolated Souls and have access to the Fire domain. They also gain a couple spells from the Thaumaturgic Codex. This file also discusses the undead creatures called Maliku, which are the flaming souls of Moloch’s paladins.

Backgrounds and Homelands covers six new backgrounds for PCs, the Athlete, Exile, Farmer, Huntress, Professional, and Slave. This file also includes the tables for determining your homeland and starting language.

Rogue Archetypes features the Investigator, the Outlaw, the Scout, and the Trickster. Scouts are the most common, being employed in every army of the world. Outlaws are the most difficult to play, with their stigmatization and underworld connections. Investigators are fairly common Persia and Egypt. Tricksters exist in many cultures and are known for their pranks and acerbic comments.

It will probably be a few more days before they are available on our Patreon for all Instigator level supporters. After that, they will be available on DriveThru.

The next blog post will cover the second wave of new content, which will be ready in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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