Amazons vs Valkyries – Progress Update

While managing the release of Poisonous Plants I’ve also been working on the AvV setting and making plans for next year. In the last blog post, I discussed the AvV saga, which was very long at the time, but was still being developed. Now, I can say that the saga has been pared down to nine campaign paths with several solo and side adventures supplementing the main story. Each path take the characters from 1st to 20th level. The first path is set primarily in the Northlands. The second is set primarily in Greece. The third is set in Anatolia and Egypt. The fourth, fifth, and sixth deal with Rome. The last three deal with Persia, Egypt, and Rome again. These are very broad generalizations, of course, and a lot can still change. But as of right now, that is how the saga is set up.

Next year (2022) we will get a Player’s Guide PoD done as well as a few adventures and some more campaign setting information.

The first adventure for AvV will also be our very first PoD ever. Destroy the Bridge is a squad level combat scenario for three to five characters of 7th to 9th level. At 30 pages long it is small enough to be a good first attempt at PoD. As long as that goes well, we will do many more.

The Player’s Guide will have all the content already available for character creation (races, feats, equipment, classes and archetypes) plus backgrounds and languages. We are currently working on some Rogue archetypes (Outlaw, Investigator, Scout and Trickster). Bard archetypes are on the list of things to do, but they will probably wait until I tackle the magic system. Once that is done, the Player’s Guide will be finished and we will focus more on adventures and setting content.

Now, time to get busy!

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