Lost Atlanteans

Lost Atlanteans

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This PDF/PoD outlines a new Atlantean goddess, Ilimitera, and her 32 new domains. Ilimitera is a triple aspect deity with influence over Motherhood, Guidance and Nature. As such, she grants her followers access to a wide range of spells and powers. The domains within this file include:

  • ABUNDANCE: Harvest the blessings of prosperity.
  • CELESTIAL: Traverse the celestial realms and unlock divine secrets.
  • CONFLICT: Navigate the intricate dance of battle and strategy.
  • CRYPT: Explore the mysteries concealed in the shadows.
  • DEPRAVITY: Confront the darker facets of existence.
  • DESTINY: Shape the fate that lies ahead.
  • DEVOTION: Embrace unwavering loyalty and commitment.
  • DISASTERS: Command the forces of nature’s fury.
  • DISCERNMENT: Unravel the threads of truth and perception.
  • DOMINATION: Assert control over realms both seen and unseen.
  • DUPLICITY: Master the art of deceit and truth, manipulating with subtle influence.
  • ELECTRICITY: Wield the electrifying power of lightning, shocking and awing your foes.
  • ESOTERIC: Dive into esoteric mysteries, unlocking secrets hidden beyond the ordinary.
  • FELLOWSHIP: Cultivate camaraderie, fostering a sense of fellowship that strengthens bonds.
  • FORCE: Command raw physical strength, unleashing forceful might upon challengers.
  • HOARFROST: Embrace the chilling touch of winter, freezing and immobilizing adversaries.
  • HORROR: Confront nightmares and terrors, instilling fear in those who cross your path.
  • ILLUSIONS: Master deception and illusion, creating mesmerizing visions to confound.
  • MONSTROSITIES: Command monstrous creatures, bending their will to serve your desires.
  • MYSTERIES: Delve into enigmatic and arcane, unraveling mysteries that defy comprehension.
  • OCCULT: Tap into hidden occult forces, channeling supernatural energies.
  • OWLS: Embrace wisdom and mystery of owls, gaining insight through nocturnal connection.
  • PASSIONS: Stoke fires of emotion and desire, influencing hearts and passions.
  • RESTRAINT: Master restraint and control, imposing order on chaos with a steady hand.
  • SERVICE: Dedicate to service and altruism, finding strength in the well-being of others.
  • SOLITUDE: Seek solace in isolation, finding strength and wisdom in quiet contemplation.
  • TRANSFIGURATION: Embrace power of transformation, altering forms with otherworldly abilities.
  • UNDEATH: Command forces of undeath, manipulating the line between life and death.
  • VIRTUOSO: Master arts and crafts, becoming a virtuoso in chosen pursuits.
  • VITALITY: Harness life force within, bringing vitality and rejuvenation to yourself and others.
  • WAYFARING: Navigate world paths with unparalleled skill, mastering wayfaring and exploration.
  • WILDERNESS: Become one with untamed wild, commanding forces of nature in primal form.

Also within this file are two new races (the Nuvitis and the Selkie-kin) and a new metal alloy, Oricalcum.

  • Available in PDF
  • Available in PoD
  • 34 pages!

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