Design Diary: AvV Campaign Primer

The Campaign Primer for Amazons vs Valkyries has finally been released! You can pay what you want and download it right here. It outlines the setting and features some excerpts from upcoming projects, like Slavery, Powerful Women, and the Gazetteer. The Campaign Primer also collects all the existing setting information from other AvV titles in one place.

It took a long time and a lot of work to produce, but it is a significant milestone in the development process. We hope everyone enjoys it!

Now that it is finished, we can turn our attention to the next phase of development. There are several adventure paths in the works. A few of them are briefly mentioned on the In Development page. There are also more cults and world building to do. The next phase will include NPC patrons, a gazetteer, and cults of Oden and Athena. Before any of that is finished, we will complete the Crime and Punishment project. And before Crime and Punishment can be put on the front burner, we have some other short projects to finish.

Time to get busy!

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