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Five Amazons vs Valkyries titles have recently reached Copper Seller status on DriveThu! Have you added them to your game yet? If not, check them out today by following the links below!

Arms and Equipment

  • New weapons (Falx, Scizore, and more)
  • New Armor (Cardiophylax, Manica, and more)
  • New Equipment (Astrolabe, hobnailed sandals)
  • New Feats (Jay Bird, Naked Aggression, and Naked and Fearless)

Fighter Archetypes

  • 3 new Fighting Styles: Mounted Combat, Phalanx Fighting, and Skirmisher 
  • The Guard: A protective fighter who can use her shield as a weapon
  • The Mercenary: A versatile and adaptable fighter
  • The Raider: A fighter specialized in asymmetric warfare and sabotage

Cult of Dionysus

  • The location of Dionysus’ major temples 
  • The Anthesteria (when the undead walk the streets) and other festivals held in Dionysus’ honor 
  • The Maenads and Gerarai 
  • The Madness Domain which Dionysus and other gods provide for their priestesses 

Cult of Sobek

  • The location of Sobek’s major temple and mortuary complex 
  • The Feast of Sobek and other festivals held in his honor 
  • A Giant Crocodile Mummy 
  • A New Magic Item, Sobek’s Helmets 
  • A new spell, Day’s Catch 
  • The Oath of Taking 

Bloodline Feats

  • 23 Heroic Bloodlines (Heracles, Perseus, Zal, Atalanta, Hippolyta, Yngvi, and more than a dozen others from Greek and Norse mythology). 
  • An overview of the Amazons Vs Valkyries Campaign Setting 
  • Summaries of the Volsung Saga, the story of the House of Atreus, the story of Wayland the Smith, and several other ancient legends 
  • A full color map of the campaign world 
  • 92 feats. Some are new, some updated from other sources. New feats include  Charming Smile, Demoralizing Strike, Inherited Madness, Warped Mind, War Child,  Wrath of Achilles, and more!

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