Trinakria Gazetteer

This Gazetteer has been developed to support the upcoming campaign path, “The Blood of Trinakria,” which follows the course of the First Punic War in the Amazons vs Valkyries adventure setting. This 94-page PDF details the island of Trinakria (ancient Sicily) at the start of the war.

Within this file you will find:

  • 6 New Monster (Charybdis, Laestrygonian Ogres, Scylla, Sirens, Moss Folk, Pharoah Hounds)
  • 2 New Diseases (Malaria and Sand Fly Fever)
  • History and city maps of Akragas, Segesta, Selinus, and Syracuse
  • Maps of Trinakria, Akragas, and Syracuse drawn by Moreno Paissan
  • Description and history of the dungeons below Akragas
  • History of Trinakria
  • 9 detailed Encounter Maps
  • 9 short Adventure outlines
  • A map of a neighborhood in the ogre city of Telepylus
  • Game stats for Roman soldiers (Leves, Hastati, Principes, and Triarii)
  • Game stats for Roman allies (light infantry, medium infantry, and Gaulish barbarians)
  • Summaries of the major cities of Trinakria including Syracuse, Catania, Naxos, Adrano, Kapara and 30 others.
  • The military and religious cults active in Trinakria
  • Tier 1 Encounter Table
  • Geographic anomalies (lake of acid, geysers, healing springs)
  • Immersive artwork by neoclasscial masters like Thomas Cole, Ettore Forti, Henry Ryland and many others
  • Local cults, myths, and legends

Each city is detailed with the following traits.

  • Patron Deity. The deity who watches over the city and its inhabitants.
  • Population. An estimate of the city’s population in peacetime.
  • Age. The number of years since the city’s founding. This can give DMs an idea of the size of the necropolis and the scope of the town’s history, which may include prehistoric temples, subterranean aqueducts, or nearby ruins.  
  • Economy. The major industries of the city.
  • Government. A brief description of the type of government currently ruling the city.
  • Culture. The primary architecture, institutions, affiliations, and language of the city.

Some of the cities outlined in this file include:

  • The dread city of Adrano, ruled by anti-paladins and evil cultists
  • The lost city of Callipolis, home to fey and plant creatures
  • The ruined city of Himera, destroyed long ago and teeming with bandits, rebels, and monsters
  • The ruined city of Gela, destroyed recently and teeming with bandits, rebels, and monsters
  • The cave city of Telepylus, home of the man-eating laestragonian ogres
  • The cave city of Ispica, now a human settlement, this place was once a troglodyte city
  • The half-ruined city of Segesta, founded by Trojan refugees
  • The Half-ruined city of Selinus, famous for its temples and cults

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This document contains references to historical atrocities including slavery, mass slaughter, torture, human sacrifice, and cannibalism.