Amazons vs Valkyries

The daughters of Ares and the daughters of Odin have been locked in a blood feud since the dawn of the Mythic Age. Xenophobic, misandric, and hyper-violent, the Amazons drove the proto-Norse people from their homeland and nearly destroyed them. The children of the Aesir were saved when Odin fathered an apocalyptic death cult of warrior women and commanded them to preserve his people’s destiny. Thus began a genocidal war that spans the ages and touches every nation on earth. 

Amazons vs Valkyries is an alternate history adventure setting based on the Hellenistic Age where an ancient feud between two warrior cults drags the world into chaos.  

Epic wars, crumbling empires, and barbaric invasions reshape the map while new ideas disrupt old traditions. Chthonic beasts lurk in the ruins of Nineveh and giants hunt the Hercynian forests. Collectors from Alexandria scour the world for wisdom to fill their library’s vaults. Carthaginian warships hunt formarian pirates. Mercenary gnolls swell Pyrrhus’ ranks. Golems battle at Agrigentum. The abandoned cityscape of Babylon harbors savage creatures, ruthless bandits, and homicidal priests.

You already know the men of this era; Archimedes, Brennus, Diogenes, and Alexander. Now meet the women; Hypatia, Cynane, Aspasia, and Arsinoe II. These scientists, philosophers, and warriors need your help.

There are ruins to explore, artifacts to recover, and creatures to slay. Armies need to be defeated and malicious deities must be stopped.

Amazons vs Valkyries is historical fantasy roleplaying at its best. It offers breathtaking adventure and high verisimilitude in a war-torn world that is familiar and exotic, entertaining and terrifying.

Amazons vs Valkyries features:

  • Mature content and themes
  • Historical events, places, and people
  • Squad-level combat missions
  • Covert paramilitary operations
  • Mercenary companies
  • Battlefields, sieges, and naval warfare
  • Climate change, famine, and migration
  • Secret police, spies, and headhunters
  • Wars among the gods
  • Women’s issues and matriarchy
  • Disabled deities and characters
  • Transgender deities and characters
  • Adventures inspired by history, myth, and folklore
  • Legendary beasts and monstrous humanoids
  • New archetypes, domains, oaths, classes, and equipment
  • Hundreds of factions, guilds, and sects
  • Two powerful warrior cults batting for the fate of the world!

Which side will you choose?

5e D20

Dozens of PDFs for playing Amazons vs Valkyries with the D20 5e system are already available right here. More are being released every month.

Pathfinder 1e

Amazons vs Valkyries was originally developed using the PF1 system. Those files are available right here.

AvV Campaign Primer

  • Campaign lore and setting information
  • Cultures, cities, commerce, industry
  • magic, religion, monsters
  • Much more!
  • 50+ pages for PWYW!

AvV Optional Rules

  • Intelligence (Engineering) proficiency
  • Intelligence (War) proficiency 
  • Interrogating NPC prisoners
  • Flying Mounts!
  • Rules for noise (how far can you hear a scream?)
  • Expanded Swimming Rules
  • New Conditions (most are from Poisonous Plants)   

Character Preview: Padia

This two-page preview introduces on of the most notable heroines from the Amazons vs Valkyries setting along with her 4th level d20 game stats and a brief summary of her early life.


Character Preview: Arsinoe II

This two-page PDF introduces on of the most important and influential NPCs in the Amazons vs Valkyries setting along with her Challenge Rating 6 game stats and a brief summary of her early life.



Women’s Intuition

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Saya and the Sword

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