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Our list of best selling titles spans our entire publishing history. It features our earliest and most classic works as well as our recent hits.










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22 Talent Trees

The smart hero shines with better play balance and inspiration. Almost every talent there is cool and useful -Nicholas

Lots of substantial ability based talents - Rob

Very useful for d20 modern, particularly in certain campaign models, such as Call of Cthulhu d20 or Cyberpunk - D.


Hell on Earth

I've purchased this and several of the 1948 supplements. By far the best WW2 sourcebook for D20 out there! I highly recommend this product -Rick

This supplement did a great job...Extensive information about new classes, skills, and feats related to the era. Good optional rules ..Nice tables for weapons and vehicles. -Dave

Very good product for WWII gamers, plus serves also as an historical guide into the events of World War II. Good prestige classes, tons of new Feats -Fernando

This product is loaded with great information... Lots of new material that any GM would appreciate. Good writing and editing make it fun to read. I really like this one! Good job. - Ed


Another 22 Talent Trees

Some of this stuff is inspiring, some of it is downright scary. -Peter



The Book of Broken Dreams

This is a great product not only for D&D, but for ANY setting. - Gilberto

The feel of this book is quite dark, and will specially be suited for dark-themed worlds. - Christopher

This is an excellent resource for a Ravenloft or Call of Cthulhu campaign. - Mike


The Vimana

A very cool new vehicle type for your Modern d20 game...This book excellently balanced the mystique of these new vehicles while still statting them fully. -Shane

Impressively researched and solidly designed information on the supposed ancient Indian flying machines, ... This is the sort of product that's genuinely useful beyond its setting.-Jim

Handguns of WWII

This is one of those useful bits of content that just jumped out at me. Fact is, anyone playing in the WWII era should probably check out the rest of their stuff, too. Sean.







Wilderness Traps

This is a great idea and it's remarkable to me that there have been so few suggestions for the game along these lines - Jim

Some very good ideas here. I found this book to be quite useful - Collin

Fun little traps... overall it was good for the money and gave me some ideas.- Ted



Nature's Wrath

This is a book to be used with caution... But used with care, it can add an extra layer of realism to your game world- Megan

Excellent product, wish I'd bought it years ago! Great research, no wasted material....  Must have for every campaign -Michael



Arms and Armor of the Stone Age

A very good reference of the types of weapons allowable for a stone age campaign - Daniel

Very useful -One word: Chakrams - Bill



Bane Ledger

...an excellent selection of creatures from pre-colonial cultures. The sidebars with the new disease and new feats were quite well done also - Shane

Fascinating creatures drawn from all around the world. - Sean


The Savage

This is a very cool class... Thumbs way up! - Derek


The Sentinel

Some good thinking has gone into treatment of favoured terrain and non-GP-based trapmaking. -Jim


Primal Magic Items

What more can I ask for? - Bill










Glinda of Oz 

Fabulous product concept... Excellent layout. The expansion of the Aid Another rules for team spellcasting was simply and cunningly executed. - Jeff



God Spells

Wanna put the scare into your roleplayers? This is the book to do it! Magic like nothing you've ever seen! - Steve









Shadow Girl

At Amazon

At Drive Thru

Nicely told... Quite a thought-provoking tale.- Megan R.

Public Enemy: Lord Foulwind

A fun and original opponent for your superheroes....There's plenty of background to help you bring him to (smelly) life... Lots of little touches make Lord Foulwind a bit more than just a classic fantasy monster... A nice interpretation. - Megan R.