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Hell on Earth

Basic Training Manual

Elite Training Manual

Specialized Training Manual


FX Training Manual

Clandestine Weapons

Spy Radios and Cipher Devices

Top Secret Serums

The Vimana

Elite Gear











The Rat


Super Spy

The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

Lost Languages

Top Secret Explosives

Ray Guns

1948: Magic of the SS, Volume 1

The Book of Broken Dreams

Handguns of WWII








General Patton

Templar Knights


The Ninja

Organizations, Agencies, and Secret Societies

22 Talent Trees

Another 22 Talent Trees


The Waffen SS










The Thaumaturgic Codex


The Thaumaturgic Codex II

The Brawler


Figurines of Wondrous Power: Marble Chess Set

The Priest

The Fabled Champion

The Spirit Warrior

Enhanced Armor

The Book of Broken Dreams



Ten Exotic Clubs


Nature's Wrath

Hero's Handbook

Spellbinder's Sourcebook

Spellbinder's Sourcebook II

God Spells

Random Encounters: The Hunt

Random Encounters: Road Block

Random Encounters: Rabid Monkey Troop


Wilderness Traps



The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Glinda of Oz

The Magic of Oz


Wilderness Traps


Nature's Wrath


Arms and Armor of the Stone Age


Primal Races


Primal Magic Items


The Magus





The Sangoma


Primal Feats  

The Savage


The Sentinel


The Knave


Bane Ledger


Bane Ledger II



Spell Cannons


Power Armor



Mechanized Weapons

The Merchant's Guide to Mecha Salvage



Public Enemy: The Shadowblade


Public Enemy: General Steele


Public Enemy: Lord Foulwind




Public Enemy: Chief Ataneq


Behind the Mask: The H.A.C.K.S.A.W.




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