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Free Stuff

Below are links to several free PDF previews of our current titles.



Hell on Earth Preview

22 Talent Trees Preview

Another 22 Talent Trees Preview

Basic Training Manual Preview

FX Training Manual

Organizations, Agencies, and Secret Societies Preview

The Ninja Preview

Top Secret Explosives Preview

Clandestine Weapons Preview

Templar Knights Preview



The Savage Preview

The Sentinel Preview

The Knave Preview

Wilderness Traps Preview

Nature's Wrath Preview

Arms and Armor of the Stone Age Preview



The Great Race Preview

Return of the Yule Lord Preview

The Yule Lord



Heroes Handbook Preview

Spellbinder's Sourcebook I Preview

Spellbinder's Sourcebook II Preview

God Spells Preview


Spell Cannons - Free Preview

Power Armor - Free Preview

Mecha Salvage - Free product


The H.A.C.K.S.A.W. - Free Preview

Shadow Girl -  Free Preview

The Key of Koth Rak Knarr - Free Preview

The Legend of Bobbi Sue Jackson - Free Preview

The Nightmare Queen - Free Preview

Neutron Girl - Free Preview



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