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Bloodstone Press is a multimedia entertainment company that develops content for several worlds of adventure. Our primary media format is role playing games. We also produce short stories and some merchandise.


Bloodstone Press began in 2001 as Netherland Games and released two D20 RPG titles, the Primal Codex and the  Book of Broken Dreams. After restructuring in 2003 as Bloodstone Press, the company  produced several top selling and well reviewed OGL titles including 22 Talent Trees, Wilderness Traps, Nature's Wrath, and Hell on Earth (1939-1945).

Between 2004 and 2008 a lot of development was done on 1948, the Primal Legends, Beyond the Veil, and the Shadelands. Popular titles from this period include Glinda of Oz, The Vimana, and Organizations, Agencies, and Secret Societies.

From 2008 until 2012  we took time off to focus on other aspects of life. Some projects were still finished during this period including Magic of the SS, but development was slow and the business atrophied.

In 2012 we began updating Bloodstone's backlist, expanding the product line, hiring new artists and editors, and breathing new life into the company. We launched two new campaign settings, Telestic Engine and M.E.T.A. Force, and we produced several  short stories and game supplements for them including Spell Cannons, Power Armor Shadow Girl, The Great Race, and H.A.C.K.S.A.W. In a fit of inspiration, Amazons Vs Valkyries was added to the product line in 2015.

Today, we continue to produce new material for our seven worlds of adventure, as well as for other worlds that are still in development. 



Bloodstone Press works with several artists on a contractual basis including Phil Simpson, Fernando Cano, and Jeff Ward.

We also use a lot of stock art from industry professionals including Claudio Casini, Eric Lofgren, Rick Hershey, William McAusland, Matt Morrow, Brian Brinlee, Jeremy Hart, and many others.

Banners on this website specifically use artwork by Rick Hershey, Phil Simpson, Fernando Cano, William McAusland, and Claudio Casini.



None of this would be possible without all of the great people whose characters have suffered through endless hours of confusion, torture, disfigurement, disease, humiliation, failure, and death. To them we extend a hearty and well-deserved thank you!

 Charles A., Josh A., Andy B., Robby B., Brian D., James D., Patrick D., Joe C., John C., Jackson E., Thomas H., Michael J., Randy J., Vinny L., Jeff M., Matt M., Don P. Kevin P., Chad W. James W., Henry W. and Tom W.


""If it was easy, it wouldn't be an adventure."





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